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Synonyms for ambidextrous

not being what one purports to be

Synonyms for ambidextrous

equally skillful with each hand

marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

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The result is an ambidextrous mouse that cradles the hand naturally, while keeping a slim profile and also allowing for different weighting options.
Using this concept, we theorize about its contingent (moderating) role in the relationship between ambidextrous governance and performance dimensions.
And ambidextrous youngsters of 15 or 16 ran twice the risk of having symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Featuring a sleek, ambidextrous design with chrome accents, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 introduces Microsoft's first nano transceiver.
In principle, a perfectly ambidextrous person should show no bodyspecific preference for things on the left or right--but lots of other factors, in addition to handedness, also influence our judgments.
It's been augmented this year with the Deltoid Axillary Protector, which is an ambidextrous add-on to protect the shoulder and arm.
No longer restricted to creating in "art" formats, we're evolving into contextually ambidextrous creatures increasingly adept at producing goods tailored to the packaging requirements of each specific context.
Many other ambidextrous or left-handed Renaissance artists are cited.
For ambidextrous comfort, Microsoft introduces Wireless Optical Mouse with a new three-button design in three vibrant colors, Metallic Red, Periwinkle and Steel Blue, and one graphic, Blue Moon.
Doctors who looked at 11,000 post-menopausal women found that those who were left-handed or ambidextrous had a higher risk for the cancer.
And since this cheeky film comes from sexually ambidextrous director Gregg Araki (The Living End, Nowhere), you can rest assured that the two male dreamboats will share one hot kiss--on a dare from Robinson, of course.
00), and at Ludlow the versatile Ambidextrous, from the Eric Alston yard, can win the Shropshire Building Supplies Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle (1.
To capitalize on the ambidextrous nature of our double wing system, we installed every play both right and left.
2 pounds by using a stylish but comfortable new Feather-Lite skeletonized stock, which includes rubber grip inserts for improved control and feel and an ambidextrous cheek piece and an oversized trigger guard for cold-weather hunting.
Have an opposite side holster, or at least an ambidextrous one, broken in and ready to go.