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Synonyms for ambidextrous

not being what one purports to be

Synonyms for ambidextrous

equally skillful with each hand

marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

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Ambidextrous governance was conceptualized based on the constructs of contractual governance and relational governance, and operationalized via the additive approach, consistent with organizational ambidexterity above.
Features include an adjustable target rear sight, external oversized extractor, magazine well extension, 30 LPI front strap checkering, unique slide serrations, a firing pin block safety system independent of trigger pull, match barrel, fully checkered wine colored laminate grips, an ambidextrous manual safety and a Performance Center gun rug.
Glock offers it own tactical light which features a polymer case, xenon technology and ambidextrous switch.
From the metallic paint to the gentle curves of the ambidextrous design, the Graphire3 mouse possesses a high quality, solid feel.
The lefty version features a heavy 20" barrel with 1:9" twist, detachable carry handle, side ejection port, forward assist, ambidextrous safety selector and a mirror image bolt carrier.
The Bi-Tone XD features a cold hammer-forged barrel, ambidextrous magazine release and a quick-turn disassembly lever.
The ambidextrous nature of NEC platforms means customers can deploy cost-effective TDM where business needs demand it while having the option to utilize IP where it's needed.
The synthetic Kydex suspender may be adjusted 360 degrees making the Model N91 ambidextrous and adaptable.
Weighing 12 pounds, it features a target-style, heavy-prone laminate stock with ambidextrous Wundhammer palm swell and dual-pillar bedding.
It is the company's first joystick in some time to offer an ambidextrous handle, providing excellent comfort and functionality for both right and left-handed gamers.
Features include three-dot sights, ambidextrous slide release lever and magazine release, magazine capacity of between nine and 13 rounds, depending upon caliber, oversized re-curved trigger guard for use with a gloved hand and a corrosion-proof fiber-reinforced polymer frame.
Additional features and specifications include oversized Bar Stock CNC-milled heat-treated slide rails; captive dual recoil spring system; oversized steel slide-stop release; forged, seat-treated and fully-machined slide; hammer-forged barrel; dovetail front and rear steel sights; and ambidextrous magazine catch.
Each earbud headset uses Logitech's patent-pending FlexLoop(TM) design -- ambidextrous soft rubber stabilizers that fit comfortably within the outer ear -- to hold the earpiece in place.
2 -- DOMO, a growing leader in smart phones, tablets and PC peripherals, has unveiled its first ambidextrous optical mouse - DOMO MagicKey L1.
The K100 Mk7 is a fully ambidextrous 9mm semiauto featuring an external hammer and interchangeable grip panels.