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Synonyms for ambidexterity

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Synonyms for ambidexterity

the property of being equally skillful with each hand

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Ambidexterity of an organization refers to three typologies of ambidextrous capabilities to resolve paradoxical tasks in a complex context (Zeng & al., 2017):
The case allows students to apprehend the concepts of the Disruptive Innovation and the Organizational Ambidexterity theories.
We believe that our moderated mediation model supports the importance of organizational ambidexterity (Gibson & Birkinshaw, 2004; C.
A network perspective on individual-level ambidexterity in organizations.
coordination, strength, resilience) at higher level, assumption of effort during the fight and represents the foundation to upgrade special motric features (all types of speed[begin strikethrough]s[end strikethrough], precision, coordination, dynamic equilibrium, ambidexterity, motric quality force) at various ratios, specific to the aim.
A feature bow shops may find particularly helpful is ambidexterity, meaning the T24 can be switched back and forth between right- and left-hand setups without a bow press.
Chen & Miller, 2010), ambidexterity (e.g., Simsek, Heavey, Veiga, & Souder, 2009), co-opetition (e.g., Brandenburger & Nalebuff, 2011), glocalization (e.g., Thompson & Arsel, 2004), and etic-emic balance (e.g., Morris, Leung, Ames, & Lickel, 1999) in both research and application since the globalization trend was in flux in the 1990s.
Thus, in this article we find that SIS facilitates business strategy process and content and has the potential to increase positive effects in the relationships among exploratory and exploitative innovation activities, ambidexterity and organizational performance.
* Undisruptable organizations, and their leaders, should embrace ambidexterity.
She was evaluated for visual, learning and hearing disabilities; cognitive impairments; ambidexterity; motor-skill deficits.
Organizational ambidexterity and innovation performance: The moderating effect of entrepreneurial orientation.
(Note that Simoudis does to some extent conflate incubators and accelerators, but that does not undermine his clear outline of the benefits they may provide.) In short, as an insightful blog post by EY Consulting points out, an incubator or accelerator can serve as an agent of organizational ambidexterity, helping companies resolve the "innovation dilemma."