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Synonyms for amber

a deep yellow color


Related Words

a hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin

Related Words

of a medium to dark brownish yellow color

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Lebanese ambers are among the oldest ambers that contain inclusions of large organisms, such as insects.
Ambers from this region are prized for their clarity and size.
A type of amber thought to have been invented by flowering plants may have been en vogue millions of years before those plants evolved, suggests an analysis of newly discovered amber droplets.
Cheshire; amber plus overall, 3 greens, 5 ambers, no reds
Cleveland: green overall, 5 greens, 3 ambers, no reds
When certain tree resins congeal, they slowly polymerize into a stiffened substance called copal and, if kept from air, will harden finally into the rocklike gem known as amber.
But Dominican amber is noted for inclusions of another sort.
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