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Synonyms for amber

a deep yellow color


Related Words

a hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin

Related Words

of a medium to dark brownish yellow color

References in classic literature ?
Now it has, you see, been twice mended, once in the wooden stem and once in the amber.
Marvel not at that, Sancho my friend," said Don Quixote; "for let me tell thee devils are crafty; and even if they do carry odours about with them, they themselves have no smell, because they are spirits; or, if they have any smell, they cannot smell of anything sweet, but of something foul and fetid; and the reason is that as they carry hell with them wherever they go, and can get no ease whatever from their torments, and as a sweet smell is a thing that gives pleasure and enjoyment, it is impossible that they can smell sweet; if, then, this devil thou speakest of seems to thee to smell of amber, either thou art deceiving thyself, or he wants to deceive thee by making thee fancy he is not a devil.
Here the stream merely rinsed its bed, there it stood so still, in pools of liquid amber, that, when the sun shone, the very pebbles showed their shadows in the deepest places.
2006) and determining the country of origin of some ambers (Leelawatanasuk et al.
1]) and the absence of aromatics in the spectra indicate these are likely Class I ambers derived from higher plant resins based primarily on polymers of labdatriene diterpenes (Anderson et al.
A specimen from the lower cretaceous era preserved in one of the terrestrial ambers found in Jezzine was one of the elements that triggered Crichton's imagination.
Paleontologist and entomologist Dany Azar hunts for ambers in Lebanon and around the world to give students a better understanding of what their country and the planet may have looked like millions of years ago.
Ambers are fossilized plant resins known for their golden luster and almost mineral-like qualities.
In death, many of these resins fossilize into ambers, which are typically categorized into classes according to the chemistry of their compounds.
Some older ambers also contained insect fossils, but they were often overly opaque, cracked, or too darkly Colored for close observation.
Exquisite Dominican amber fossils reveal a spectrum of prehistoric, largely extinct species, offering modern science a window to the past
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Previously, users had to choose between either a RISC-based design that is flexible but slow and expensive, or an ASIC-based switch that is fast and inexpensive but not programmable," said Curt Gridley, chairman and co-founder of Amber Wave Systems.
5, 1995--Moving to expand its shared of the booming LAN switch market, fast-growing Ethernet switch provider Amber Wave Systems, Inc.
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