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Synonyms for amber

a deep yellow color


Related Words

a hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin

Related Words

of a medium to dark brownish yellow color

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Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and the decor can be so fun," says Amberly.
So," said Amberly, getting the word out a little quicker.
Dahl, Sarah Donawerth, Leah Hodgers, Ryan Houghton, Katherine Lix, Megan Moghtaderi, Amberly Piotrowski, David P.
Brandilyn Collins, author of the Rayne Tour series (a series she writes with her daughter, Amberly Collins), echoes this sentiment.
Blair Amberly,29, said he was shocked when he heard of Jackson's death.
The 18 primary schools which took part yesterday were: Amberly, Backworth, Baily Green, Baliol, Burradon, Fordley, Forest Hall, Goathland, Greenfields, Hazlewood, Holystone, Ivy Road, Moor Edge, Shiremoor, St Bartholomew's, St Mary, St Stephen's and West moor.
In Amberly Street, at Merseyside's Caribbean Council, Trinbagonians from Liverpool were planning their night.
Amberly Knight, a WWASP whistle-blower who administered a camp in Costa Rica, testified that American "children were imprisoned in deplorable conditions that we would not tolerate for adult death row inmates in America.
Team: Karyn Ho, Karen Lau, Elton Lu, Shaun Lamoureux, Jesse Berton, Jimmy Sumaryo, Michael Lee, Amberly Bailey-Romanko, Satya Nookala, Neil Sutherland
Andrew Thaw*, Amberly Ethridge, Christine Faust, Mimi Grissom, Shelly Jo Johnson, Madeleine Leake, Betsy Powell, and Joseph Wehby, Jr.
Land planner/Landscape architect/Interior designer: Amberly Frost, Norman
Other finalists included Timothy Bean, age 12, of Austin, Texas; Amberly Del Ponte, age 6, of Westbrook, Maine; Zachary Irvin, age 4, of Omaha, Neb.
SOUTH CAROLINA Amberly Nesbitt, SPR JL Mann HS Greenville
The disciplinary committee considered a complaint from Amberly Group, the parent company of Metacol, concerning Kevin Wulder, the former finance director of Metacol, who had admitted manipulating stock figures and was dismissed as a result.