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Synonyms for amber

a deep yellow color


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a hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin

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of a medium to dark brownish yellow color

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Located at 120 Nassau Street, The Amberly has been designed by Woods Bagot.
Barnett, wrote a heartbreaking post on social media after her daughter was ( found by officials , stating in part, "Amberly life is not the same now you're no longer here, but our love for you is still strong and will remain year after year."
"Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and the decor can be so fun," says Amberly. "But we wanted to make it as girly as possible, too.
"Someday we'll have good jobs," Amberly offered, holding out her glass in his general direction.
My residence for the next few days is Amberly Castle, a delightful English country hotel built within the ruins of an ancient castle and surrounded by private grounds containing lakes, gazebos, and a field containing Lamas!
Eight schools are taking part in the performances, Burradon and Shiremoor Primary, Star of the Sea, Benton Dene Special School, Beacon Hill, John Spence and Amberly Primary.
Hanna replaces Amberly Turner who served as Finance director of MMREIT.
Amberly Liberty Print Meow Cat Toy, (PS25, Style Tails, Cats will love rolling around and catching 40 winks on this soft toy.
Heat 2: 1 Head For Fame, 2 Mandys Blossom, 3 Ravenswood Joey, 4 Run Samson Run (m), 5 Amberly (m), 6 Mays Milan (m).
Dahl, Sarah Donawerth, Leah Hodgers, Ryan Houghton, Katherine Lix, Megan Moghtaderi, Amberly Piotrowski, David P.
Brandilyn Collins, author of the Rayne Tour series (a series she writes with her daughter, Amberly Collins), echoes this sentiment.
The 18 primary schools which took part yesterday were: Amberly, Backworth, Baily Green, Baliol, Burradon, Fordley, Forest Hall, Goathland, Greenfields, Hazlewood, Holystone, Ivy Road, Moor Edge, Shiremoor, St Bartholomew's, St Mary, St Stephen's and West moor.
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