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any of several amber to coppery fork-tailed warm-water carangid fishes

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The amberjacks gathered are about one and a half to two kilograms in weight, which means that they are last year's generation," she added.
Year-round you will find reef fish like snapper, grouper and amberjack.
It can be a hot spot for cobia, dolphin, kingfish, jack crevalle and Spanish mackerel during the spring and summer with red snapper, grouper, amberjack and spadefish being there all year.
One hundred to 130-pound leader material won't scare away a hungry amberjack if you have the right bait.
The idea was to pick off a wahoo, sailfish or kingfish on the spot's periphery before settling down to focus on amberjack.
We knew we had amberjack all throughout the water column, but we needed a bunch of fish right at the surface, so Mayer tossed handfuls of small pilchards off the transom.
In every area of the state there are wrecks known to hold baitfish, and those same wrecks will always hold their share of predators, from barracuda and amberjacks to schools of strafing bonito and opportunistic sailfish, dolphin and wahoo.
Gags enjoy more cover, and amberjacks hunt above that structure, often intercepting baits on the way to the bottom feeders.
waters Snook CLOSED GULF OF MEXICO Amberjack, greater CLOSED Snook CLOSED Triggernsh, gray CLOSED Permit CLOSED Most state: all fed Grouper, gag CLOSED S.
Still, it's worth pointing out that state and federal fishing regulations for both the Gulf and Atlantic sides of Florida now dictate that we carry appropriate tools for extricating hooks when targeting reef fish--which includes snappers, amberjacks and groupers.
Tuna, dolphin, wahoo, sailfish, grouper, snapper, amberjacks, king and Spanish mackerel should be good targets.
And there's something else in the midwater: Humongous amberjacks.
Solar Panel Installer Amberjack Solar Energy Announces Nearly Ten New Hires at Start of First Quarter
This month you can target amberjack, gag grouper and vermilion snapper, commonly referred to as "mingos.
Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Red Snapper, Mutton Snapper, King Mackerel, Amberjack, African Pompano