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any of several amber to coppery fork-tailed warm-water carangid fishes

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We carried out BreakDancer [32] analysis to detect structural variants in the greater amberjack genome using resequenced data of the 20 greater amberjacks mapped onto the reference genome sequences, and the results are shown in Figures 2 and 3 and Table 4.
On Tuesday, the Fisheries Department collected several amberjacks for a post-mortem analysis at the Health Ministry's Veterinary Department.
The pathway now leads to the dramatic tuna diamond, an inverted pyramid containing 45,000 litres of sea water and a shoal of amberjack tuna.
The amberjacks, grouper and cobia will be holding just above many of our artificial reefs in depths from 100 feet of water out to 260 feet.
The amberjacks were found dead on the Larnaca seabed, near the Zinovia shipwreck.
One of the best amberjack spots for Northwest anglers is the WWII wreck Empire Mica.
Caption: Banded rudderfish lose the bands at maturity and look like slender amberjacks.
I started off vertical jigging with speed jigs in my kayak fortuna, kingfish, and amberjack out of Dania Beach.
Jason focuses on live-rock structures or wrecks that provide relief that the amberjacks can swim above in depths from 90 to 200 feet deep.
Back on the list of targetable species is the greater amberjack. Beginning at roughly 100-foot depths, anglers working these waters over wrecks, springs, and ledges can find amberjacks roaming with a variety of snappers and groupers.
Moving out a little deeper, you might find water temperatures slightly warmer, in which case, bonito, snapper, amberjacks, some big grouper and others could be added to your catch.
Amberjacks for Brian Neubauer and Blair Sale, 40 miles SE of Panama City Beach, 104.7 and 97.2 pounds on certified scale.
Or check out Your favorite artificial reef for amberjacks and the Fight of your life.
Right off the bat, we hooked a bunch of amberjacks, but on our fifth bait out that morning, a Spanish sardine, Rob caught a huge kingfish.
During the summer, red and gag grouper, amberjacks, barracudas, Spanish mackerel, bonito, mangrove snapper, cobia, and sharks roam these reefs.