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any of several amber to coppery fork-tailed warm-water carangid fishes

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One of the purposes of this study was to construct a platform for quantitative trait locus (QTL), marker-assisted selection [23, 24], and gene-assisted selection [25, 26] programs for greater amberjack breeding based on SNPs.
He added that if that happens, they are confident of commencing production of amberjack by the 2019-2020 timeframe, with output ramped up to 8,000 - 10,000 tonnes per annum by 2023.
The company said Mars delivers crude from the prolific Mars Basin and the Amberjack system, offering 600 kbpd of capacity into LOOP's Clovelly facility
Having found him in the cramped office of the Cape Verde Sport Fishing Company, we boarded the Lady Di 11 to join Cape Verdean captain Silvestre and his Italian mate Danny to try and find tuna, amberjack, wahoo and possibly newly arrived blue marlin - the favourite sport fish of my hero writer Ernest Hemingway.
Karnataka, July 2 -- Global animal health and nutrition leader Alltech and Kochi University have signed a five-year strategic research alliance to study yellowtail and amberjack nutrition.
Guests can expect to fish at several locations during a single fishing trip, with the possibility of catching fish such as blue marlin, yellow fin tuna, amberjack, cobia, and red snapper, among others.
Amberjack Solar Energy, headquartered in Oakland, NJ, was recently retained by Spiral Binding Company, Inc., a worldwide leader in its field which is headquartered in Totowa, NJ.
Big Foot is a 40-mile, 20-inch pipeline located about 180 miles off the coast of Louisiana that will deliver oil from the Chevron-operated Jack and Big Foot ultra deepwater development to a subsea connection on the Tahiti lateral of the Amberjack pipeline system in Green Canyon Block 598.
''A fish farm in Kyushu has begun to export yellowtail and amberjack to Taiwan and China.''
Any projects we develop together will provide value to our departments, our students and the Kingdom as a whole." NPC has started a fish farming operation with Greater Amberjack and is also developing 'what will become one of the world's largest sea cucumber aquaculture operation.' In addition to aquaculture, NPC has significant projects in chitin production and phytoplankton (algae) development in its marine agriculture arm.
Deep-water coral reefs in Florida waters are the habitat of the economically valuable grouper, snapper and amberjack. These and other species inhabit hundreds of deep-water coral reefs off the coast of Florida at depths of about 300 -915 m.
Almojel, VP for University Relations for KAUST, who led the delegation, welcomed the opportunity to collaborate, "I think all the faculty members on the visit were impressed by scientific and engineering rigour that NPC applies to its operations".NPC operates one of the world's largest integrated prawn farming operations in the world, has started a fish farming operation with Greater Amberjack and is also developing what will become one of the world's largest sea cucumber aquaculture operation.
The hatchery will be located at NPC's facility on the coast of the Red Sea close to Jeddah and will be for one of the upcoming fish species in aquaculture, the greater amberjack (Seriola Dumerili).
The rerouted oil pipeline from Amberjack, our top field, has been completed on schedule and below budget and we anticipate it to be operational in the third quarter.