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any of several amber to coppery fork-tailed warm-water carangid fishes

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We are extremely pleased to continue our support of Amberjack as owner and Chevron Pipe Line Company as operator of the Jack/St.
To give you a little background," he said, "the $80 million Amberjack system actually went forward at a time when Shell did not have a single commitment.
While I initially thought this might be a bit of overkill, he explained, "If you have a 120-pound amberjack hit your lure and you don't have any stretch in your line, something's going to give and I don't want it to be my shoulder.
Additionally, production from the Amberjack platform was down periodically during the fourth quarter due to the installation of the platform rig.
We have approved a four to five well drilling program to commence in the fourth quarter at Amberjack and have begun modification of a rig to fit on the platform.
Offshore anglers have long anticipated the arrival of the new year because it brings newly opened seasons for red grouper, amberjack and triggerfish, all of which have been closed to recreational harvest for months.
Raley continued, "With production beginning at Amberjack yesterday, Caviar #1 later this week, and Caviar #4 in the next two weeks, we hope to continue increased production throughout the remainder of the year.
Captain Jesse Mayer knew we were in a good spot for amberjack, snapper and grouper, but there was one problem.
You'll catch grouper, flounder, black and sea bass, cobia, red snapper, amberjack, goliath grouper, and more.
Amberjack take speed jigs--also called butterfly jigs--worked energetically up and down near the bottom, or, for a more casual time, they'll hit 6- and 9-ounce bullethead jigs baited with ballyhoo, squid or plastic tails drifted by them.
OTC Bulletin Board: UVSE) today announced that production at its Amberjack prospect has steadily increased over the past few weeks and has reached an excellent level of production.
Offshore anglers will enjoy simultaneous open seasons on gag and amberjack, arguably two of the most popular offshore species in the waters of SW Florida.
3 million in net proceeds for operations -- Drilled 6 exploratory wells during the last six months of 2007 -- We were successful in finding oil and/or natural gas in 4 of those wells -- Completed and began production at our Amberjack well during the last few days of 2007
This month you can target amberjack, gag grouper and vermilion snapper, commonly referred to as "mingos.
BULLETIN BOARD: UVSE) announced today that last week it completed additional work on its Amberjack prospect.