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Synonyms for amber

a deep yellow color


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a hard yellowish to brownish translucent fossil resin

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of a medium to dark brownish yellow color

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Jenelle Evans of the "Teen Mom 2" cast also wrote to Amber following her news.
They said the mosque is an ambitious project that will make history both for the amber stone and the UAE when it is launched on Thursday.
At the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, we know that AMBER Alerts are often critical in the safe recovery of an abducted child, said NCMEC President and CEO John Clark.
But Amber's family could easily afford a glitzy party for Amber.
Depp, 53, agreed to pay Amber a settlement just one day before they were due to battle it out in court.
At the time of huge changes, Amber set about recording the disappearing working lives.
It's lucrative business too -- increase in demand from China has pushed the price of amber so high that its price can be compared with gold.
Approximately 90% of raw Baltic amber is pale yellow, and it commonly undergoes a simple heat treatment procedure to darken its colour.
Family law left Adrian without automatic parental rights because the pair were never married and Amber was born before the law change of 2003 which awards equal rights to both parents.
Fossilized amber also entombed small insects, leaves, feathers and hairs, revealing information about the life forms existing during this period of time.
The Amber team has sourced, developed and financed more than 125 social infrastructure, transportation, renewable energy and urban redevelopment projects across the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia with a total value exceeding GBP 12 bn.
Despite her fascination with the stuff, however, amber has been frustrating Poulin for much of her career with the institute.
AMBER, it seems, is once again the new gold, but be quick, the spike in what it's fetching in the saleroom might be nothing more than a flash in the pan.
Bits and pieces of other trees found in amber include several now absent from Hispaniola--cativos, nazarenos, sebos, and caobas, the latter a relative of mahogany.