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Synonyms for ambassador

Synonyms for ambassador

a diplomat of the highest rank

an informal representative

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Since 1960, the allocation of ambassadorships has fluctuated around 65% careerists and 35% political appointees; and, though some positions have been filled almost exclusively by one type, many ambassadorships alternate between types.
Recent ambassadorships are to some countries that are relatively new to the global economy,, such as Vietnam and the Ukraine.
Ambassadorships are not given out without a political price.
His blocking the ambassadorships of Jim Hormel and Carol Moseley-Braun, his impeding the payment of our U.
Nixon, the statesman who opened doors to China and the Soviet Union, also sold ambassadorships for $250,000.
diplomatic posts, including ambassadorships to Brazil, Argentina, India, and the United States.
Senator from Texas, served as chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission and held ambassadorships to Mexico (1978-1981), Burundi (1994-1996) and Botswana (1996-2000).
Retired Career Ambassador Thomas Pickering and author Nicholas Kralev did so in USA Today (2/27/14), "Take Politics Out of Diplomacy: Let's Stop Pimping American Ambassadorships Out to the Highest Bidder.
Today, civil service is based on merit, but there's one position in government where it pays to know the president: ambassadorships.
Barry promised that all campaign donations would be rewarded with ambassadorships or the ability to declare war on the country of the donor's choosing.
Navy in World War II, the London School of Economics, Averell Harriman's Albany, John Kennedy's New Frontier, a Harvard professorship, the Nixon White House, ambassadorships to India and the United Nations, the senatorship from New York, leadership of the Senate Finance Committee, and re-election to a fourth term by a landslide even during the Republican revolution of 1994.
SpokaneHotZone is the City's dual purpose wireless network providing seamless Internet broadband access to both public users and to a private domain - comprised of city municipal employees working in public safety, mobile workforce, security ambassadorships and automated parking enforcement.
org/) showed that the Obama administration has thus far named 32 political appointees to ambassadorships, as compared to 25 career diplomats.
It is an intriguing thought, but would make it difficult for presidents to pay off their big contributors with ambassadorships to Barbados, Costa Rica, Ireland, and the Court of Saint James.