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And ambassadorships provide methodological leverage for evaluating performance because of a large available sample, variation both across type of appointee (careerist and noncareerist) and within type (background characteristics) for similar positions with uniform appointment criteria and legal authority, and a statutorily designed evaluation scheme with clear criteria for performance.
WASHINGTON, May 9 (KUNA) -- US President Barack Obama announced late Thursday his nominees for the ambassadorships in Egypt and Iraq, in a move that sees him reorganizing key diplomatic posts in the region.
The new assignment will require him to take the place of Kenny G, the American saxophonist, who has held the honorary ambassadorship since last October.
Beckham's Chinese football debut will be another influential role after his special ambassadorship for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
We are very pleased to have been chosen by Qatar Japan 2012 to host this cultural event," Megu's Outlet manager Ouahid Ouassaidi said, adding: "As a fine dining Japanese restaurant established in Qatar, we embrace our ambassadorship to convey both the authenticity of Japanese gastronomy as well as Qatari hospitality.
Ambassadorship, including two all-expenses-paid trips to Amsterdam for intensive training.
The fashion icon, striking a similar chord to the one she hit when approached about ambassadorship rumors this past June and in 2009, said through a spokesperson that she has no interest in leaving Vogue, where she claims to be very happy.
He has received the UNESCO award, Padma Vibhushan, Unicef's National Ambassadorship, Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum and honorary doctorates from various universities within India and abroad.
The second area is Faldo Enterprises, an umbrella for Sir Nick's wider commercial interests, including a watch deal with Audemars Piguet, an ambassadorship with TaylorMade-Adidas Golf and a licensing deal with Marriott Hotels for Faldo Golf Schools situated across the US.
It builds overall reputation as an industry leader, helps companies attract and retain the best talent and grows loyalty and ambassadorship.
The ambassadorship to Japan plays an important role in Russia's foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly since the return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency for the first time in four years in early May as he places emphasis on relations with Asia.
It was useless for her to travel to Washington to join the duties of most crucial ambassadorship of Pakistan here if the PPP government's days are numbered," the sources observed while quoting senior US Administration officials.
We at Oman Air are part of a global ambassadorship on behalf of Oman.
In consideration for the ambassadorship to Iran at a time of violent protests
We don't want to pressure the European countries at this time," said Abbas, but hailed Norway for raising the diplomatic status of its Palestinian delegation to full ambassadorship.