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Choe ''was replaced'' with Ji, who Yonhap said will assume the ambassadorship soon after attending a ceremony Monday in Pyongyang to mark the 60th anniversary of China's participation in the 1950-53 Korean War.
Following the June 8 announcement that Flynn would accept the nomination, Vatican sources indicated puzzlement with his publicly expressed ideas about the ambassadorship. Flynn has envisaged traveling with the pope on foreign trips and becoming a kind of global ambassador for human rights, while Vatican sources described the post as prestigious, but limited and said Flynn should not expect a high-profile, public role with lots of traveling.
The Ambassadorship to the United States is still up for grabs after Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana expressed reluctance to accept the assignment, and Gilbert Teodoro declined the defense portfolio once more.
Prior to his ambassadorship, he was appointed to the board of directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and has over 30 years of entrepreneurial successes.
President Barack Obama has nominated his ambassador to Kuwait, Matthew Tueller, to fill the open ambassadorship in San, Yemen, the White House said Thursday.
William Weld's losing bid for an ambassadorship to Mexico in the late 1990s is now just a biographical footnote.
The fashion icon, striking a similar chord to the one she hit when approached about ambassadorship rumors this past June and in 2009, said through a spokesperson that she has no interest in leaving Vogue, where she claims to be very happy.
However, he said, the day Haqqani assumed his ambassadorship, he had no involvement in his congressional or White House lobbying efforts other than assisting him in ways he was able to after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake.
It was useless for her to travel to Washington to join the duties of most crucial ambassadorship of Pakistan here if the PPP governments days are numbered, the sources observed while quoting senior US Administration officials.
"We at Oman Air are part of a global ambassadorship on behalf of Oman.
New Noir is a Los Angeles-based marketing group specializing in strategic events and brand ambassadorship. New Noir throws fun events around the Los Angeles area, like "Sunset Starlets Burlesque" show and Oscars party at The Libertine in West Hollywood, with a select standard of sponsors, entertainment and giveaways, unique to Southern California.
The Spin's new year resolution is to avoid con- suming Minstrels by the metric tonne and to use the Metromore.ValKilmer obviously took a long, hard look at his life and decided that he needed more brand ambassadorship roles.
But The Guardian of Britain noticed last week that the Iranian ambassadorship to London will be left vacant in a few weeks when Ambassador Rasoul Movahedian completes his tour and returns to Tehran.
"This is part of the national process we have; the Lebanese ambassadorship is usually held by a career serviceman or woman and [positions] tend to come up cyclically, just as with all ambassadors that have been here before," the source said.