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Synonyms for ambassador

Synonyms for ambassador

a diplomat of the highest rank

an informal representative

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Right now, eight ambassadorial nominees are waiting on the Senate floor to be confirmed, and more than 100 nominations for other posts all around the government are languishing in committee.
While the ambassadorial appointments have already been challenged by Kenya's National Gender and Equity Commission for being unconstitutional, since they do not adhere to the one-third gender rule and are not ethnically representative, it strongly suggests that 18 months into his first term, President Kenyatta is re-evaluating his leadership style and, along with it, the members of his team.
The recent performances of the ambassadorial candidates--sometimes labeled "cringe-worthy"--have engendered a chorus of criticism targeting not only the nominees but also the payback system in general.
Earlier this month, ex-deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon testified that Lieberman had pushed him to give an ambassadorial posting to Ben Aryeh.
uk/sport/football/football-news/manchester-united-try-tempt-david-3865206) Manchester Evening News reported that he could return to Old Trafford, as he is likely to be offered an ambassadorial role with the club where he began his football career.
The Reds owners are considering reinstating Dalglish in his pre-Roy Hodgson ambassadorial role, the Daily Mirror reports.
Prizes include a wardrobe of clothes, designer dress, hair and beauty makeovers and ambassadorial visits to Australia, Lapland and Mongolia to raise awareness of The Joshua Foundation- a charity which provides once-in-a-lifetime trips for children with terminal cancer.
The school has also won the coveted Ambassadorial trophy for their great performance at the Big Brag.
For the ongoing good of our country and our national sport, it's crucial that our top players understand the importance of such ambassadorial skills and refine them appropriately.
Summary: The Tunisian ambassador to Syria, Mohamed Lawiti, as well as the rest of the ambassadorial staff in Syria, will return to Tunisia on Friday morning, February 10th.
The board has now passed a unanimous resolution recommending that the presidency become an ambassadorial role on a rotational basis from 2014.
And the skipper has agreed to take on an ambassadorial role at the club once he decides to hang up his boots.
It was not immediately clear when the full Senate, which under the US Constitution must confirm ambassadorial nominations, would act.
The lawmaker said while Kuwait is due to send back the same diplomat to Tehran for the ambassadorial post, Iran has decided to send the governor-general of the Northern Gilan province to Kuwait to head the Iranian mission in the Arab country.
May 30, 2010 (KHARTOUM) -- Sudan and the Republic of Cape Verde have established diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial, the foreign ministry announced on Sunday.
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