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any of a group of hard crystalline minerals that consist of aluminum silicates of potassium or sodium or calcium or barium

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When life throws you one too many curve balls, rub the Anxiety Magic roller on your pulse points and temples and you'll get the benefits of clear quartz, amethyst, amazonite, and hematite.
Badanina, "A melt and fluid inclusion assemblage in beryl from pegmatite in the Orlovka amazonite granite, East Transbaikalia, Russia: Implications for pegmatite-forming melt systems," Mineralogy and Petrology, vol.
Earrings: Zuka Amazonite (Vancouver Designer featured at Malary's)
Bracelet with rutilated quartz links (in sodalite, amazonite, mother-of-pearl and more) mounted on semi--precious stone slabs and accented with brilliant-cut white diamonds ($3,200).
I love these bright and cheerful Bola bracelets for PS30 each and this lucky wishbone pendant with Amazonite gemstone for PS50.
A green amazonite protects people against others taking advantage of them and from unfair practices at work.
They include amber, turquoise, agate, lapis, amazonite, tiger eye, rose quartz, amethyst and black onyx.
The first necklace Salah bought was made of amazonite and amethyst.
Twenty-three pages at the beginning go all the way back to human beginnings, presenting objects of Brazilian "lithic art," from Paleolithic flint spear points to idols and statuettes smoothed out of gabbro to amazonite and nephrite animal carvings to haunting anthropomorphic figures with globose, stylized faces.
STUNNING: Azuni semi-precious heart earrings and bracelet in amazonite, pounds 50.31 and pounds 68.99
Inspired by tribal art, the "Esprits Originels" Collection draws together organic materials and softly rounded natural stones: large bracelets in ebony or white mother-of-pearl, necklaces of round wooden beads with sparkling touches of amazonite or pink quartz, a long necklace gleaming with grey iridescent mother-of-pearl.
'Many of the burials,' Mattingly continues, 'contained beads in a variety of materials--ostrich eggshell, glass, semi-precious stones such as carnelian (red) or amazonite (turquoise), ebony--and some of the beads appear to have been stitched onto textile garments.
She found the mask that hung behind the display case, the one that leapt into her mind after her purse was stolen and the man disappeared into the shadowed street, the starkly white teeth and red eyes, the forehead studded with onyx and amazonite.
Amazonite cluster earrings by Shaesby, yellow gold with amazonite beads.