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any of a group of hard crystalline minerals that consist of aluminum silicates of potassium or sodium or calcium or barium

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STUNNING: Azuni semi-precious heart earrings and bracelet in amazonite, pounds 50.
Inspired by tribal art, the "Esprits Originels" Collection draws together organic materials and softly rounded natural stones: large bracelets in ebony or white mother-of-pearl, necklaces of round wooden beads with sparkling touches of amazonite or pink quartz, a long necklace gleaming with grey iridescent mother-of-pearl.
Many of the burials,' Mattingly continues, 'contained beads in a variety of materials--ostrich eggshell, glass, semi-precious stones such as carnelian (red) or amazonite (turquoise), ebony--and some of the beads appear to have been stitched onto textile garments.
She found the mask that hung behind the display case, the one that leapt into her mind after her purse was stolen and the man disappeared into the shadowed street, the starkly white teeth and red eyes, the forehead studded with onyx and amazonite.
Metallic slouch bag pounds 8 from Woolworths (0845 608 1100)' Tweed jacket pounds 30 (RRP pounds 40) from Oasis (Cheshire Oaks Deisgner Outlet, Ellesmere Port 0151 348 5600)' Lola rose tumble bracelet in amazonite pounds 35 from John Lewis (020 7592 5406)' Military bolero pounds 39/military cropped jacket pounds 39, skinny jeans pounds 39 and Grecian vest top pounds 34, all from R a re (www.
Amazonite cluster earrings by Shaesby, yellow gold with amazonite beads.
This claim, however, is based on the misidentification by archaeologists of amazonite (a green variety of microcline) as emerald (Lucas and Harris, 1962, p.
The stone, a variety of amazonite with a quartz grain, was found less than two weeks ago at a mine in Mozambique and will be named the "Star of Charlize.
Malachite, green Agate, Jade, Aventurine and Amazonite are excellent substitutes for the more expensive Emerald.
This time, the touchstone was a small carving of a bear made of amazonite sewn into Bancroft's coat just over her heart.
noting that "in the Chalcolithic Age, we find in the house ruins of the early al'Ubaid period at Ur beads made of amazonite which must have been imported from the Nilghiri hills of southern India; presumably they had .
Dykes range in composition from simple quartz-feldspar types to mineralogically complex pegmatites that contain amazonite, topaz, zinwaldite, and Sn, Ta, and Nb oxides.
Amazonite is traditionally a lucky stone for gamblers, but that may be because it increases self- confidence and controls negative emotions.
XRF readings focussed on scandium data collection only, although the team diligently noted the visible presence of gadolinite and amazonite mineralization.
com the ones that are particularly high in demand by designers and lovers of gemstones are the Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Amazonite, Amethyst, Carnelian, Emerald and Jasper Cabochons.