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in an amazing manner

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They are very often amazingly impertinent if you do not treat them with spirit, and make them keep their distance."
I am amazingly attached to Ned--quite doat upon him, indeed--and even if we could afford to throw ourselves away, that very objection would be quite insuperable.--I wish you'd take some wine?'
'If there is anything real in this world, it is those amazingly fine feelings and those natural obligations which must subsist between father and son.
Not till long afterward did Polly see how much good this little effort had done her, for the first small sacrifice of this sort leads the way to others, and a single hand's turn given heartily to the world's great work helps one amazingly with one's own small tasks.
I am amazingly glad you did not keep to YOUR WORD."
At last, it began to get about, among such as were interested in the matter, that although Sydney Carton would never be a lion, he was an amazingly good jackal, and that he rendered suit and service to Stryver in that humble capacity.
She seemed equally wishful to be studied, and we got on amazingly from the first moment of our acquaintance.
"It's an amazingly generous thing to do and I would like to find out who he is so I can thank him.
The three-and-a-half-year journey to earn my Associate of Applied Science in nursing with high honors has been both interminably long and amazingly short.
After arriving at the tree, she amazingly actually climbed up the small tree, and then proceeded to give low roaring calls.
CREATURE FEATURES Artists adds detail to amazingly lifelike images
19 (ANI): When it comes to one of the most memorable moments in 'Wolf of Wall Street' it has to be the amazingly choreographed quaalude scene.
The broadcaster said the programme was still doing "amazingly well" as it explained that the episode in question was a second repeat broadcast, deliberately aired during a lowtraffic time slot.
The show was a brilliant success and amazingly staged.
Amazingly, the 72-year-old actor walked clear of the wreckage with only minor injuries.