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absence of the mammary glands (either through surgery or developmental defect)

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ATF dodged a bullet earlier this year when plans for a rival Asian market, AMAZIA, were put to rest.
The organizers of Mip and Mipcom are launching yet another market, to be called Amazia.
Nevertheless, if you ask anyone who has studied Iraq in depth, they would state that the expert on the Iraqi regime is Amazia Baram, an Israeli scholar who also cannot travel to Iraq.
9-11; and Amazia Baram, "The Ruling Political Elite in Baathi Iraq, 1968-1986: The Changing Features of a Collective Profile," International Journal of Middle East Studies, No.
"We were amazed that a volcanic eruption thousands of kilometers away could hurt the coral reef right outside our office," says Amazia Genin, an Israeli marine biologist.
But the third (and most insidious) problem was strategic: what should be done about AMAZIA, a new TV trade show competing for the same audience as ATF, which has been scheduled next year in Hong Kong?
Yeow Hui Leng, project director of Reed Exhibitions, Singapore, which is organizing the eighth annual Asia Television Forum (ATF), is happy that "the 2007 [ATF] is one hundred percent sold out." However, 2008 might well prove to be a different story, due to the threat from AMAZIA, a competing market to be held just prior to the ATF.
Firstly, the market announced plans for a new pan-Asian, business-to-business exhibition and conference entitled Amazia. The event, devoted to the creation and distribution of international entertainment content across all delivery platforms, will take place in Hong Kong in November 2008.