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partial or total loss of sight without pathology of the eye

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In the example of the subordinate MeSH Concept "Amaurotic familial idiocy," the query is: "Amaurotic familial idiocy"[TW] OR "Familial Amaurotic Idiocy"[TW].
Some entry terms (e.g., "amaurotic familial idiocy") could also be also outdated.
Salaman equated the persistence of the Jewish facial expression, even in cases of mixed "Jewish and Gentile genes," with other "characters common to the Jew," namely "the absence of alcoholism in their midst," a fact "acknowledged by every authority." But even more significantly, Amaurotic Family Idiocy was for Salaman a key indicator of Jewish raciality; it was, according to "all the authorities" (and contra Dr.
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Por falta de uso (por lo menos en la muestra tomada por la APA), se han borrado terminos como: California Test of Personality; Equimax Rotation; Hidden Figures Test; Idiocy (Amaurotic Familial); Hydroxilamine; Maudsley Personality Inventory; Modern Language Aptitude Test; Orientals; Omnibus; Quartimax Rotation; Wepman Auditory Discrimination Test, entre otros.
(8) Interpretations were: - ++++ (Amaurotic pupil and non-reacting pupil in blind eye).
If neither pupil reacts when the light is shone onto the affected eye but both pupils react normally when the fellow eye is stimulated, this is known as an amaurotic pupil.