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partial or total loss of sight without pathology of the eye

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of (preferred term) (narrower) citations citations PR Tay-Sachs disease Amaurotic familial 222 1,662 13.
This ambivalence perhaps recalls More's Utopian city of Amaurotum, that amaurotic or (visually) obscure domain that, as Turner reminds us, recalls the vagueness of Penelope's vision of Athene in Homer's Odyssey.
So much so that this first amaurotic to work in the private sector has set foot in all the GCC countries, besides visiting Jordan and Egypt to attend conference and sports-related activities.
But even more significantly, Amaurotic Family Idiocy was for Salaman a key indicator of Jewish raciality; it was, according to "all the authorities" (and contra Dr.
In terms of amaurotic family idiocy, Coriat maintained that "the inferior organ is the brain, particularly the visual system.
If neither pupil reacts when the light is shone onto the affected eye but both pupils react normally when the fellow eye is stimulated, this is known as an amaurotic pupil.