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Synonyms for amatory

of, concerning, or promoting sexual love or desire

Synonyms for amatory

expressive of or exciting sexual love or romance

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The poems are amatory, satirical, humorous, dedicatory, hortatory, sepulchral, and declamatory.
His second mistress--even more shallow--displays such amatory prowess that Daniel's passion for her evolves into genuine love.
Although some speakers express unrequited love or even cynicism about love, many poems "represent joyful, mutually fulfilling amatory experiences, unbounded by the social authorization celebrated in Spenser's Epithalamion" (188).
These descriptions seesaw from sublime lyricism to personal and historical horrors, to give the readers, its only possible response to the paralyzing situation: the creative act, the amatory experience.
Unlike Angustias, Gertrudis is not concerned with the notion of social justice; it is the desire to fulfill her amatory needs that prompts her to take the opportunity to liberate herself from a claustrophobic bourgeois domestic space.
John Wardroper, Lovers, Rakes and Rogues: Amatory, Merry and Bawdy Verse from 1580 to 1830 (London: Shelfmark Books, 1995), p.
The 'complaint' was first associated with unequally- joined verses, then afterwards amatory poetry was also included in these measures; what writer, however, first sent forth these little elegiac verses is debated by grammarians, and up till now the case is pending before a judge'.
A love poem such as "Love in a Life," from Men and Women (1855), which seems no more than a finely structured, straightforward, personal, expressive lyric, paired with a less interesting poem, "Life in a Love," presents the case of the obsessed lover in a mocking send-up of the conventions of amatory discourses.
This was probably Steffani's best-known opera in his lifetime, and Orlando was such a great literary source, spawning a vast amount of works about the classical conflict of masculinity, between military prowess and amatory prowess.
If his alleged amatory antics are true, Mr Balotelli is no shrinking violet.
Love in the Ancient Novel and Related Genres, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 26: "Habrocomes and Anthia are simply the clearest examples of the equivalence of the male and the female amatory roles that is specific to the novel".
Besides this, however, the hero's age explains, not without a certain sense of humor, the changes in amatory techniques of a Don Juan who, despite his appearance, is old.
Young Bookwit, who gleefully makes up self-glorifying stories about his martial and amatory conquests, is drawn by his lies into a drunken duel with his friend, Lovemore, and wounds him--fatally, as everyone believes--before ending up in the gaol.
Sarah Butler's Irish Tales (1716) moves us forward almost a quarter of a century in terms of publication but backwards in narrated time, setting its amatory fiction in an historically detailed pre-Norman Ireland, in a manner similar to, but much more extensive than, the story of Cluaneesha in Vertue Rewarded.
Is it only in Defoe's appropriation of it that the amatory novel revisits the Restoration political crisis?