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the conviction that people should participate in sports as a hobby (for the fun of it) rather than for money

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As a result, the NCAA can rely on its traditional argument of preserving amateurism to convince a court to deem their restraint procompetitive and consequently reasonable under the Sherman Act.
Mr Harry McKibbin, of Ireland, chairman of the committee dealing with amateurism, said the regulations did not prevent Edwards accepting prize money from the competition.
The amateurism and, apparently, the political expediency of those who gave the specific company a blank cheque, have put our country in an unbelievable situation.
This seems to have democratized sport in the armed forces, though the spirit of amateurism remained paramount.
Amusing alone, when viewed together these works troubled the distinction between amateurism and professionalism, figuration and abstraction, Fontana's primeval slash and a far baser conception of the "origin of the world.
I am not making any excuses, but that is the difference between amateurism and professionalism.
This is why is say that there is nothing more pernicious from the general amateurism and voluntarism that is spreading all around," Blazevska writes.
It was rank amateurism to screen such a strikingly unfunny stream of juvenile prejudice.
Among the critical topics the question of amateurism is of pivotal interest.
McIntire examines the British press coverage of those Games, the first to be rigidly organized on national lines, and concludes that they were characterized by two important tensions that will be very familiar to Olympic scholars, nationalism versus internationalism, and amateurism versus encroaching professionalism.
To paraphrase Bill Armer, a much more erudite chap than I, he has it right when he says it was a sad day when amateurism gave way to professionalism and much worse now that nationalism over-rides everything.
Referring to two "Japanese" runners in quite obvious Chinese colours for most of Sunday's race, was rank amateurism.
But the film also focuses on the mounting hostility between the British, with their emphasis on amateurism, and the more professional Americans.
Mayo's academic and amateurism status prior to his collegiate enrollment, and we will review the information in conjunction with the institution and the Pac-10 Conference.
Stoppard takes a similar story about the unmasking of a mole within the secret service and then inserts an extra dimension of British amateurism.