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the conviction that people should participate in sports as a hobby (for the fun of it) rather than for money

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1152 (1973), one of the most important cases applicable to IPSAs and ISAs challenging NCAA DI amateurism, the Association's Constitution was tested for validity of the amateur clause, alien clause, and its jurisdiction over ice hockey players.
This reviewer goes with "bloodsucking octopus." In fact, the book's major coup lies in its revelation of the stranglehold the bureaucrats of amateurism, "working under the fiat that ...
It begins with the AAU, a bourgeois and mostly English-speaking organization formed in 1894 which enshrined contemporary Anglo-Canadian assumptions about masculinity, character building, nationalism, imperialism, rational recreation, and gentlemanly amateurism. Though critical of the AAU for its anti-labour bias, its neglect of women's athletics, and its limited attention to sport in Quebec and the Maritimes, Kidd argues that the AAU's commitment to amateurism, notions of fair play, and public responsibility contributed to the conviction that sports were essential to the building of Canadian nationality.
As one of the last guardians of the old middle-class values, the IOC tried, as the 1950s gave way to a new decade, to put forth (another) final resolution to the "amateurism question."
Redmond, a writer in the UK, traces the history of the Irish-American Athletic Club of New York from 1898 to 1917 within the context of immigration, ethnic nationalism, discrimination, class, and education in American society, as well as amateurism, politics, and "Sabbatarianism." He describes the Irish athletic scene in New York City before the club was formed; the construction of its home, Celtic Park, in Queens; how the club made a decision to seek athletes and members outside of New York's Irish community, including Jewish and African American athletes; the first five years of the club as it tried to establish itself along the nation's major clubs; and Irish athletes who migrated to America and joined the club, including the "Irish Whales" group of field athletes.
But there is a bitter feeling that political amateurism and avoidance of responsibility from the very beginning have become part of this operation, Frckoski believes.
"We're based around amateurism, we pay PS12 a month to play for our rugby club, we don't get a single penny and we play in regional Premier North.
Addressing premier league teams officials on July 21, Ntshinogang explained that licensing was introduced as a way to curb maladministration as well as amateurism in elite leagues across the world.
Following news Tuesday of what may be the biggest scandal in NCAA college basketball history, it's likely that amateurism in college sports will find itself in the crosshairs of the debate.
It started out with the purest amateurism. One of the first teams that played the game originated at Rideau Hall, Ottawa, the Governor-General of the day, Lord Stanley, being instrumental in starting it.
amateurism model in the Ninth Circuit's decision in O'Bannon
"How dare we revel in our crude, brutally inefficient amateurism? Labour voters expect us to be whatever we have to be to win elections.
Summary: "In a country exhausted by five years of crises (institutional uncertainty, increase in terrorist activities, political amateurism, protest fever, banditry in distribution circuits, …) that have heavily damaged the economic
TEHRAN (FNA)- Social media users have already dubbed the spelling mistake in a commemoration plaque to remember the victims of the attack on Charlie Hebdo as a sign of amateurism on the French president's part.