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something that demonstrates a lack of professional competency

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Historian John Terraine later wrote that the joint planning staff "displayed an amateurishness and feebleness which to this day can make the reader alternatively blush and shiver." (8) Like the Germans, the Allies did not institute a joint command for Norway; instead, each service maintained control over its own forces.
It saddens me to realize that a lot of professionals are making our own country a mere training ground, a place where they can harness their skills and grow out of their amateurishness, only to leave for another country as soon as they have accomplished the minimum requirements of foreign employers.
"More surprising for me is the amateurishness of the attempted coup on the night of July 15.
The announcement of new jute policy presented in order to deal with the problem of low prices of jute, in the form of an ordinance giving government the power to fix minimum prices for jute and to appoint purchasing agents, was criticised by Pakistan Observer as "a smack of amateurishness" that did not safeguard genuine interests of East Bengal.
Central sections of the book foreground other characters, while its middle chapters document the rank amateurishness of both Soviet and US intelligence agencies.
Abu Hajaar's skills, at least, follow a rich line of depictions of battlefield amateurishness. If Daesh doesn't work out he could always feature in Dad's Army or Seinfeld.
amateurishness) and the second with a more moderate, bent arm in the
Moreover, she's painted it with deliberate amateurishness and, to highlight the irony, filled in some areas with abstract brushwork and added two surreally oversize bees.
Given the plurality of responses that this inquiry has already generated in the humanities, it is hard to disagree with Alan Richardson's claim that "the somewhat dazzling variety of approaches that continue to proliferate within the new field [is] a sign of its early strength rather than amateurishness or disarray" (xii).
Despite its amateurishness, it had a haunting quality, a subtlety of hues that enhanced the juxtaposition of the couple, as if, in their differing attentions, they were aware of the pain they'd shared or caused one another.
In this way she credits the aspiration to conceptual order reflected in The Note Books, without apologizing for amateurishness. However, she ends up qualifying the book's value as much as Ostle does, by restricting it to readers in Wilson's own social and economic position:
Thegritty amateurishness of the images, their honest emotion, and theirdeclaration of "needing" feminism feel convincinglyauthentic and fresh compared to the conventions of either corporatemedia campaigns or many young people's Facebook profiles.
In fact, it is this strategic amateurishness of our policy makers that ' cost us' Nepal, ensured that we weren't able to ' tap into' Myanmar and raised serious questions in our handling of the Maldives crisis.