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something that demonstrates a lack of professional competency

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The severe beauty of the landscapes is enhanced by the compelling amateurishness of the performers; they bring a lived-in quality to this magnificently hostile environment.
We are now paying the very high price of this amateurishness and superficiality, with which we have approached issues of vital importance to the country, over the years.
There we have a perfect precis of the reasons why jump racing, quite correctly, feels itself under siege at the moment: shambolic events on the course that are making the sport a laughing stock as well as, crucially, undermining it as a betting medium; a tendency to blame the people in the front line for failures that are really failures of organisation; a jolly amateurishness that may be very endearing, but is nevertheless equally destructive; and then the identification of the threat, which is the predictability and - the bean counters would most certainly
3) "Cher Peintre, Lieber Maler, Dear Painter" (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris) Due to odd good cheer and an ingratiating amateurishness, this exhibition managed to survive its own keynote: six showstopping, pulp Picabias from the early '40s.
But Crozier is not amused about the amateurishness that is rife in football coaching.
These delays, an illustration of the government's amateurishness and ineptitude, would give the parties, less than 24 hours to study the proposals and prepare their observations ahead of the meeting with Christofias.
Because we haven't got professional stewards, and the powers that be would never dare allow the amateurishness of those we do have exposed to the public gaze.
Two national outings with The Be Good Tanyas and this latest jaunt with The Guthries has rubbed away the amiable amateurishness of The HaveNots.
The BBC, however, has brought much of the current criticism on itself with its amateurishness.
This amateurishness, the trademark of its four years in office, has been on display again in its effort to secure a loan from Russia.
If Attheraces has managed to avoid some of the mistakes and plain amateurishness that beset the Racing Channel in its early months, it is mostly because it has had the original to learn from.
For sheer amateurishness I found myself reaching for comparisons into the darkest recesses of memory and coming up with Fiona Richmond in Space in My Pyjamas.
So welcome to Cameron's Country after two years of DVD Dave's amateurishness.
The image we will project will be one of panic and amateurishness.
This boredom stems in part from the sameness of these pages but also from the sheer amateurishness of their execution.