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in an amateurish manner

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Its dark eyes look bleakly out of a face that appears to have been smeared amateurishly with grease-paint.
On the whole, WAR CHHOD NA YAAR is an interesting idea, coupled with noble intentions, but is treated amateurishly.
This time, Bain's plea of innocence did not fall on deaf ears, as just another amateurishly handwritten motion from yet another prisoner claiming he was railroaded.
It is a fable about war loosely and amateurishly based on Shakespeare's The Tempest in which soldiers wander about in a mishmash of German, Italian, and American uniforms from the Second World War.
If physical persons want to sell wine, they will no longer be able to amateurishly do so with their own recipe but they will have to have a faculty diploma or an agreement with someone who has a diploma in the field of wine producing and winegrowing.
The Israelis would never sanction a film as ridiculous and shoddily made as "Innocence of Islam", which was so amateurishly made that I could not bear to watch it for more than thirty seconds, and whose director Bacile lied to his own film cast about what movie they were making, telling them that they were making a movie about Egypt 2000 years ago.
And, amateurishly, they keep missing the live stuff.
Is it surprising that so many amateurishly written e-mails are being sent to so many native English speakers, given that we might well assume that any such adult with enough education to be able to use a computer should also be able to see how badly composed and undoubtedly fraudulent these e-mails are?
In 2009, the DS annual report was amateurishly entitled "Confronting the Threat" and it had disturbing praise for a DS driver in Peshawar who was involved in a much-publicized incident on August 24, 2008.
However, apparently all of it was interesting only during the campaign, which means that everything was amateurishly done to show that politicians have close communication with people," says communication expert Biljana Petrovska.
I mention these errors (and these are just a selection of them) not merely because they are annoying, but because this is too important a book to be amateurishly printed.
The 1959 production of Burdies "was extremely amateurishly produced and completely flopped.
But perhaps he just puts great store in artistic interpretation, because the Sky Blues' appeals fell amateurishly shy of their rivals' theatrical flair.
That was a winning formula in its own right, but the Christmas specials hit top form with the introduction of Ernie Wise's amateurishly inept plays, usually historical dramas with all-star casts.
It inspired the crowd to join in singing, amateurishly, when it reached the end of the refrain: .
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