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in an amateurish manner

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It is thought that the athletes in these two branches may have done these sports amateurishly or as a recreation activity and they may have not applied a regular training program.
The volcanoes were amateurishly rendered; the shamrock barely worth mentioning except that it was there.
Unsurprisingly, the number of West German productions, low to begin with, not only stagnated but decreased, leaving the genre in the hands of independent filmmakers shooting in their basements with the help of friends, while the amateurishly produced tapes turned into elusive and sought-after artifacts.
The economic uncertainty that Brexit created was magnified by the political risk that the leaders of the campaign - Boris Johnson and Michael Gove - amateurishly created by entering into selfish political infighting that revealed a lack of a vision and planning.
There are also many people who suspect that Erdogan is behind this very amateurishly led coup attempt.
While the majority of home collections represented a dozen or two amateurishly assembled plastic models, usually unpainted, without decals and with visible traces of glue, there were plenty of enthusiasts who created extensive and elaborate collections of models showing an extreme level of resemblance to their originals.
Their guns were often amateurishly made and tended to explode, which discouraged gunners from getting close enough to their weapons to aim them properly" (Morris 2013: 203).
Having become accustomed to that reality after visiting many more Mediterranean destinations for work and leisure, I no longer amateurishly panicked.
The United States has spent trillions of dollars since 2003 and has lost thousands of dead and tens of thousands of injured -- first by invading and effectively destroying the Iraqi state that had functioned for much of the previous century; then by feverishly and, it turns out, amateurishly training and equipping a new Iraqi army to replace the one it dismantled in 2003 on the orders of a real life comic strip character named Paul Bremer; and now by resuming military action in the form of more training and equipping schemes, alongside aerial attacks against ISIS.
In his remarks about the preparatory Third National Exhibition in 1873, the historian, geographer and physician Joaquim Manuel de Macedo concluded that in the context of the Brazilian presentation in Vienna, "progress" should be measured by the level of industrial production, whereas soaps, perfumes and crafts could shed a light on the Empire's level of "civilization." (12) Although Macedo generally held a critical attitude towards the amateurishly executed National Exhibition, he was at least satisfied with the focus on industrial and manufactured goods.
Part of the church is engraved in stone, the other built from amateurishly carved stone, put together by a mix of limestone and sand.
Still, while the narrative is compelling--if a bit amateurishly written by a daughter clearly in awe of her father's many accomplishments--it's the photos that really tell the story.
65 (dated 21 Feb 1918) of a set of galley proofs amateurishly bound together, probably by Il'in himself, for working purposes.
The pear-shaped vase was broken into six pieces and so amateurishly repaired that auctioneers started off the sale at just PS200.
The juxtaposition of these two disparate representations is a reminder that it is in the absence of an audio-visual record of Abu Turki's interrogation that this sketch was retroactively and amateurishly drawn.
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