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Synonyms for amateurish

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Synonyms for amateurish

lacking the required professional skill

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Synonyms for amateurish

lacking professional skill or expertise

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But while we can criticise the amateurish nature of Putin's spies, all of these operations had a result of some kind.
'Either this is super amateurish or there must be other reasons, unknown to us commoners.'
At a previous hearing, Mr Masih described Bick's robbery as "really amateurish" and on Wednesday prosecutor Virginia Cornwall outlined just how unskilful he was.
Of course, I am happy, but I am also very sad that such things happen in this country, and that it is continuing a five-year dispute with someone who disclosed the dirty acts of others, Mikulec commented after the verdict was read.Amateurish work of policeJudge deemed the police methods more than amateurish, as a police officer touched the card with his bare hands and other officers at the police station did the same, which made it impossible to determine through DNA traces whether Mikulec touched the card, or not, Sme wrote.
Exasperatingly amateurish approach!" The likes of Raheem Sterling, Jack Wilshere, Ross Barkley, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Luke Shaw were eligible to play for England Under-21s, but were not included in Gareth Southgate's 23-man squad for the tournament.
Because under Carver they will continue to be as amateurish as they are, a new coach might want higher standards, might want to sort them out, and more importantly, remove some of the dross from the payroll as soon as possible.
FOILED LIDL ARMED ROBBER HAD SENTENCE CUT AFTER PLEADING ARMED RAID WAS 'AMATEURISH' Will Dowling: Surely conspiracy to rob is conspiracy to rob, no matter how amateurish the final product was.
The latest odyssey of Indiana Jones in Macedonia in search of Alexander the Great's tomb has little chances to excite the world public because, from far away, one can see that it is too amateurish. I hope that the Macedonian archeologists will react swiftly and distance themselves from the great embarrassment that the excavators of excitement bring, comments Rizaov.
BAD POINTS: I found the amateurish, shaky camerawork and swift changes of location to be distracting.
Munn, who took up wheelchair basketball after losing a leg in a railway accident, can scarcely believe how far the sport has come, both in this country and abroad, since he played in the "amateurish" set-up of the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona.
Dutton, this amateurish inspirational comedy-drama comes off as a shrill mashup of mixed signals and muddled messaging.
With plenty of full color examples, "That Picture Stinks!' is a strong pick for amateur photographer who wants to come off as less amateurish.
British Catholic journalist William Oddie wrote in the Catholic Herald that it was "sloppy and amateurish" for such a mistake to make it through the vetting process and into publication.
The midfielder branded Wolves' showing as "amateurish" and not good enough to win a Championship game, let alone one in the top flight.
"The defendant made absolutely nothing from this very amateurish attempt."
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