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The mechanistic catalogue seeks to take into account: the primacy of security; observation and fear; uncertainty and fear; counter-wishful thinking and fear; power maximizing, power preservation, and power amassment within reasonable limits; the primacy of military means; self-help thinking; precautionary action; timing; geography; power distribution and deterrence; and regional hegemony.
Could you find an amassment of giving back as wide-ranging and far-reaching anywhere else?
(151) Nonstate actors' motivation in this circumstance is generally a larger political goal like amassment of power, resources, or support.
Be it China's historically unprecedented growth rate over the past three decades, its amassment of the world's highest level of foreign exchange reserves, or its recent emergence as the largest holder of US Treasury securities, there is little doubt as to the dazzling economic prominence that this country has now attained (Subramanian 2011).
The local people said the house went on fire owing to amassment of gas in their room, not because of gas cylinder blast.
The Family receives in return 15-20 billion petrodollars annually, which it mostly spends on prestigious construction projects and other grandiose trappings of independence, such as the recently erected tallest flagstaff in the world, turning the city of Baku into a Dubai-style amassment of futuristic skyscrapers by demolishing its European quarters built during the first Baku oil boom of 1907-1915 and brutally evicting its citizens from their homes.
It was nothing but an amassment of people with specific interests and a symbol of corruption.
Without overstating the centrality of plantation colonialism to the story of western capitalism, I do want to recall Eric Williams's insistence that the amassment of fortune in Europe derived from the profitability of coerced labor in the colonies, not to mention the lucrative trade in African chatteu.
accelerating collective amassment of scientific data far exceeds