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Another Amaryllis option is the Massive Dry Bulb, this bulb is around three times larger than the average sized bulb.
The exception is amaryllis, which evolved in South America and does not need a cold winter.
Beverly Russell, via email Hi Beverly, I'm guessing you are talking about a lovely indoor bulb that produces really large, beautiful blooms - this is hippeastrum (right), which is commonly known as amaryllis.
you found the amaryllis snapped at the base, the bulb's green shoot
BAFFLED OVER INDOOR BULBS What do I do with my hyacinth and amaryllis bulbs that I've had indoors this spring?
Your amaryllis can be given a holiday outside but once its foliage fades and shrinks back into the bulb, bring it indoors.
With a new record - Amaryllis - due on March 27 there's a devilish momentum driving forward a quartet capable of crushing metal with emotive classic rock.
Plan to cycle amaryllis plants through years of repeated blooms.
4 Plant amaryllis bulbs to force for winter blooms inside.
Amaryllis Coltraine transfers to the New York City police force from Atlanta, GA, and begins a relationship with chief medical examiner Li Morris.
Plant autumn-flowering bulbs such as amaryllis, nerines and autumn crocuses.
A range of beautiful displays has been planned combining early and late flowering daffodils and scented narcissi, crocus, muscari, hyacinth, cyclamen, amaryllis, anemone and iris.
A small Baradinae weevil that feeds on amaryllis plants has been known in Florida for over 15 years.
This year there are 50 open classes for daffodils and tulips and 20 members classes for daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and amaryllis, with an extra class included this year for a patio container or planter of spring flowers.
When you look at some of the relatives of hippeastrum such as amaryllis, clivia, galanthus and narcissus, you begin to realise that they are all capable of giving us a tremendous show and we should perhaps grow more of this family in our gardens and houses.