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someone skilled in the transcription of speech (especially dictation)

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The Story of Elizabeth, composed in the interstices of Anny's work as her father's amanuensis, forms an intertext for Philip in the most literal sense.
Some students will have exams in Braille or large print, others will dictate or sign their answers to a scribe, type their answers, or have questions read to them and an amanuensis will both read questions and write down the candidate's answers.
Forced by poor financial prospects, he had been driven to the degrading point of looking for the sort of work that would convert his patiently acquired cultural capital into financial capital, preferably by acting as a "librarian and secretary to some nobleman, private tutor to the children of some gentleman of fortune, or amanuensis to some literary man, who, from whatever cause, may wish for such an assistant.
Today", the President intoned (in words chosen for him by White House amanuensis Pat Buchanan, then at the beginning of h is temerarious political career), (6)
7) However, as far as I am aware, the full impact of the ways in which letters were constructed, the input that an amanuensis might have had, the constraints imposed by a lack of epistolary privacy, and the self-censorship this would have led to, has not yet been studied.
21) In Konigsberg it was used only four times: in the summer of 1801 by the editor, Jasche, who left Konigsberg a few months later, and by Kant's former amanuensis Johann Friedrich Lehmann, who used it also in the winter of 1801-02 and in the winter of 1802-03.
by the distinguished poet Bhai Gurdas working as amanuensis under the direction of Guru Arjan.
This recital follows a showing of 'A Song of Summer', Ken Russell's acclaimed 1968 film about Delius (played by Max Adrian) and his young Yorkshire amanuensis Eric Fenby (Christopher Gable, who later went on to become an accomplished dancer and choreographer).
The Daily Telegraph came upon "documents" belonging to Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls which seemed to show Balls, then the amanuensis of Gordon Brown, "plotting" to overthrow Blair's premiership.
The attribution of carefully drafted outline-drawings, with or without wash modelling, is without doubt inordinately difficult, and conclusions are often made only at one's peril; much is certainly still to be learned still about Michelangelo's amanuensis draughtsmen.
One of the earliest observations Frieda Wroth makes in Michiel Heyns's third novel, The Typewriter's Tale (2005), (1) about her position as amanuensis to the writer in Henry James's household is that she is "neither guest nor servant".
The subcommittee arrived before the amanuensis, so that there was time for chitchat.
So we have declared intention, and we have abundant evidence of authorial agency, slightly complicated by Joe Byrne's serving as least as amanuensis and perhaps as collaborator.
It turned out to be a very simple matter and Don Hilarion felt that it detracted from his importance as a notario to do a piece of work that could have been attended to by any law apprentice, any law office amanuensis.
Of these the time friendly to the Muses fell to his poetry; and he waking early (as is the use of temperate men) had commonly a good stock of verses ready against his amanuensis came.