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Synonyms for amalgamation

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Synonyms for amalgamation

something produced by mixing

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Synonyms for amalgamation

the combination of two or more commercial companies

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"The amalgamation of the infant and junior schools has been a great success owing to the excellent leadership of the head teacher and the hard work of staff.
"I am confident that together and in the wake of the amalgamation of our public institutions and the creation of a new government, we will succeed in building a better Nunavik for the greater good of our communities and our children."
I was touched to read about the churches in the diocese of British Columbia that have been recommended for amalgamation and closing.
Stockton Council has recommended an amalgamation of Roseberry Infants and Juniors from September 2007.
The second amalgamation in 1974, was a total disaster.
In a state law consolidation and a foreign law amalgamation, typically two or more corporations combine and continue in the resulting entity, which is a new corporation that is formed in the consolidation transaction.
Home Secretary Charles Clarke published a fresh study that concluded the amalgamation of the two forces was the "only acceptable option" to fight 21st century crime.
The MGA authorizes the amalgamation of one or more municipalities.
One major aspect of this reform, municipal amalgamation, had as two of its goals ensuring "efficient service delivery" and the provision of "high-quality services at lowest possible cost." The purpose of this note is to assess whether amalgamations in three municipalities--Central Elgin, Chatham and Kingston --which reduced the number of municipalities from twenty-nine to three, met the provincial government's objectives of more efficient delivery of municipal services.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 31 (ANI): Punjab National Bank (PNB) will soon hold a board meeting to consider its amalgamation with Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India.
(the 'Company' or 'Rockshield') is pleased to announce that it has entered into an amalgamation agreement, as amended (the 'Amalgamation Agreement') with 2662944 Ontario Inc.
The authority has proposed Rs5,000 as the processing fee for the amalgamation of plots; earlier there was no fee for this service.
This transaction is being carried out by way of a three-cornered amalgamation. Savary shareholders will vote on the amalgamation at a special meeting of Savary shareholders, with closing expected to take place by the end of April 2019.
'Nigeria's amalgamation was not to unite Nigeria, but to pay the British,' he said.