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Synonyms for amalgamated

joined together into a whole

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A New York-based full-service commercial bank, Amalgamated Bank is also a chartered trust company with a combined network of 14 branches in New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco, and a presence in Pasadena, California and Boulder, Colorado.
President and Chief Executive Officer of Amalgamated Bank, Keith Mestrich said, "Since our founding in 1923 by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, our goal has been to be the go-to financial partner for people and organizations who strive to make a meaningful impact in our society and who care about their communities, the environment, and social justice.
portfolio company has acquired US-based floor rugs, mats and bedding wholesaler Home Dynamix LLC and Canadian window treatments and hardware supplier Amalgamated Textiles USA, the firm said.
Secretary Climate Change argued to amalgamate the amendments of NDMA with these amendments but committee members turned down his suggestion stating that it would take many months if all amendments were amalgamated.
He accepted that plots SR10/1 and SR10/2 were amalgamated and a joint number (SR10/1) was given to the amalgamated plot.
The amalgamated entity would be in a position to offer varied financial products and services.
The Methodist church building would house the amalgamated congregation, with the Presbyterian order of service and hymn book being used.
Trimont Real Estate Capital NYC, LLC and Amalgamated Bank have entered an agreement to provide small to mid-sized commercial real estate construction loans for the rehabilitation and new construction of affordable multifamily housing properties in New York City.
Jason Salvador, LTO spokesman, said the intention was to get a "better supplier" given deficiencies by current provider Amalgamated Motors Philippines Inc., which is now the subject of heavy criticism.
If the plans get the green light then these two pairs would be the final schools to be amalgamated since the local authority began the process in 2007.
Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and now Member of Parliament Mayawati has not only been allotted three contiguous bungalows in one of Delhi's toniest localities but they have been amalgamated into one superbungalow.
"It behoves us all as an Association to ensure that we are able to provide a level of competition that will allow players to remain in their own area, through group teams or amalgamated teams.
We believe that analyzing the financial sustainability of amalgamated municipalities is one of these more holistic approaches.
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