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joined together into a whole

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The agreement with Trimont equips Amalgamated with access to top talent in loan sourcing, credit underwriting and construction loan servicing, thereby enabling the bank to expand funding for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable homes for working families.
Founded in 1943, Amalgamated life has a long history of serving diverse businesses, unions, and health and welfare funds.
Brookside Community Primary, Stockbridge Village, and Beechwood Community Primary, North Huyton, to be amalgamated.
The Amalgamated Order of Bearded Santas was formed five years ago when a German commercial brought 10 real-bearded Santa look-alikes together.
Adds Amalgamated CEO Ernest Pitt, "The alliance between the NNN and Amalgamated represents a new beginning in the placement of national advertising in the African American press.
11) permits losses of the amalgamated corporation to be carried back to the predecessor parent.
In addition to licensing FastTrack's Life Waiver Tools software, Amalgamated Life will also utilize FastTrack's Claim Administrative Services to perform specific administrative tasks, which will allow their claims personnel to focus on core adjudication decision-making functions.
NEW YORK -- Amalgamated Capital (AmalCap), the leveraged finance division of Amalgamated Bank headquartered in New York City, announced today it served as Lead Arranger and Administrative Agent in support of the recapitalization of Mallet & Company, Inc.
Tom Graf, Amalgamated Bank; Chuck Merritt, Merritt Engineering; Mark Waldman, Cooper-Horowitz, Inc.
Along with offering a reliable, mature and field-proven instant issue and PIN selection product, DCS worked closely with Amalgamated to integrate into their existing core and processor systems so the entire process is easy, efficient and secure for both branch staff and customers," said Ron Zanotti, senior vice president of DCS.
Founded in 1922 by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union of America, Amalgamated Bank of Chicago specializes in serving the financial needs of area businesses, local government units and various international, national and local unions and their members.
13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Amalgamated Bank announced today that it has appointed Daniel A.
Pursuant to the amalgamation, shareholders of Guyana became entitled to receive shares of New Guyana in lieu of shares of Guyana on the basis of one common share of New Guyana for every common share of Guyana held, and the amalgamated entity became a wholly owned subsidiary of New Guyana.
This was our second transaction with Cortec Group and an opportunity that was a great fit with our business model," said Timothy Clifford, Executive Vice President and Head of Amalgamated Capital.
Pursuant to the amalgamation, except for shares held by a dissenting shareholder, each Class A Subordinate Voting Share of Mont Saint-Sauveur will be converted into one redeemable share of the amalgamated corporation, each Class B Share of Mont Saint-Sauveur will be converted into one common share of the amalgamated corporation, and each common share of the newly-incorporated corporation will be converted into one common share of the amalgamated corporation.
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