amabilis fir

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medium to tall fir of western North America having a conic crown and branches in tiers

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coast product mixed amabilis fir -- western hemlock -- could not be successfully separated.
In addition, a pair of samples was supplied from each of five plywood panels made from non-incised amabilis fir (Abies amabilis (Dougl.) Forbes) veneer.
Bending results from samples of 100 percent amabilis fir plywood are included in Table 4 for comparative purposes.
The incised amabilis fir, both ACQ-D- and CA-treated, also met the penetration requirement.
Comparing assay retention levels, the incised subalpine fir appeared to treat better than incised amabilis fir in this study.
Wan (2004) studied different chemical treatments and processes to improve performance of Amabilis fir (Abies amabilis Dougl.
A study has been conducted to establish the bending properties of full-size hem-fir (western hemlock and amabilis fir) timber used in Japanese post and beam building construction.
Hem-fir is a commercial species combination including two species: western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) and amabilis fir (A Abies es amabilis).