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a tiny sac for holding air in the lungs

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a bony socket in the alveolar ridge that holds a tooth

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Although these correlations are moderate, they are statistically significant, and have been shown in this study to be more strongly correlated with LU angulation than the width of the alveolar process and the distance from the apical region of dental alveoli to the superior margin of the IAN canal at both LM1 and LM2 sites.
Due to the extremely large number of alveoli in the lungs (~480 million), it is impossible to construct a complete model of the acinar airspace.
Enlarged alveoli were rarely seen in the non-emphysematous areas.
Neutral glycoproteins were detected in the follicular cells, pellucid zone, cortical alveoli and yolk globules of the six species studied due to the positive reaction to the PAS technique (Fig.
Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis (PAP) was first described in 1958 as a disease of the lung that consists of the filling of the alveoli by a PAS-positive proteinaceous material rich in lipid.1 It is a rare disease with the incidence of one case in every two million people.
The early phase of this stage was named "early active" (3), during which the alveoli of both sexes are not completely filled.
Ventral holdfast organ 1.38-2.25 mm (1.86 [+ or -] 0.3 mm; n = 9) long, corresponding to 67% of total body length, and possessing two continuous marginal rows of 54-67 (59; n = 9) cuplike alveoli and a medial row of 18-23 (20; n = 9) elongate transverse alveoli.
The number of small airways, alveoli, pulmonary arteries and veins and venules were counted in the entire biopsy specimen by 1 reviewer.
Alveoli were found to be 4-6 times enlarged in 7 cases and 8-10 times enlarged in 5 cases out of 19 (Table1).
Youssef, 38, explained more about his condition with a tweet saying, "When one gets pneumonia, pulmonary alveoli are filled with liquid substances which makes breathing painful and limits oxygen intake."
The main locations of gas exchange (where air exits and enters our lungs) are small grape-like structures called alveoli. Scientists studied six dolphins in Hawaii using a pneumotachometer, which measures the movement of the lungs.
The velocity of the inspired flow decreases from what is characterized as bulk convective flow in the large airways to molecular diffusion in the alveoli.