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pitted with cell-like cavities (as a honeycomb)

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Only TRPP and TRPML have been reported in Bikonta species of the euglenozoans Leishmania and Trypanosoma and the alveolate protist Paramecium (Cai and Clapham, 2012; Arias-Darraz et al., 2015a; Peng et al., 2015).
This implies that the divergent Plasmodium transporter-encoding genes are ancestral to alveolates but were lost in most apicomplexans and chromerids.
A characteristic MRI finding of chordomas is the lobulated appearance.[sup][5] And the septations, which make tumors lobulated or latticed, are enhanced.[sup][5] In addition, the alveolate presentation is also a significant finding in most cases of reported ICCs.
Pathology results from lung biopsy showed a single small fragment of alveolate pulmonary parenchyma showing no histopathologic abnormality.
Sehenkiella credneri (Schenk) Wojcicki & Kvacek, from the early Miocene of central Europe, is a sharply obtrigonal, three-homed fruit, 10-15 x 8-14 mm, trowel-shaped in outline, with a finely alveolate porous surface (the endocarp).
The virus quickly destroyed over half of the alveolate tissue - but within three months it had repaired itself.
A photosynthetic alveolate closely related to apicomplexan parasites.
Extremely intron-rich genes in the alveolate ancestors inferred with a flexible maximum-likelihood approach.
First metasomal tergum and median basal semicircular area of the second metasomal tergum rugose or alveolate niger Marsh, 2002 (Costa Rica) --First and second terga punctuate; remaining terga smooth, except at base brasiliensis Szepligeti, 1902 (Brazil) 8(5).