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Synonyms for alveolate

pitted with cell-like cavities (as a honeycomb)

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Capitula homogamous or heterogamous; discoid, radiate, ligulate, or disciform; receptacle epaleate, less frequently paleate, glabrous to pubescent, alveolate, ciliate, setose to fimbriate; involucre uniseriate to multiseriate.
Early host-pathogen interactions in marine bivalves: evidence that the alveolate parasite Perkinsus marinus infects through the oyster mantle during rejection of pseudofeces.
Sehenkiella credneri (Schenk) Wojcicki & Kvacek, from the early Miocene of central Europe, is a sharply obtrigonal, three-homed fruit, 10-15 x 8-14 mm, trowel-shaped in outline, with a finely alveolate porous surface (the endocarp).