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receptacle where something (a pipe or probe or end of a bone) is inserted

a receptacle into which an electric device can be inserted

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Local anesthesia was achieved, and the alveolar sockets were gently irrigated with saline to remove any granulation tissue.
Presence of a partial alveolar socket for the left upper canine indicates that this tooth had been present but, presumably, had been lost as its supporting bone eroded away.
Histological examination carried out in control rats two weeks after the tooth extraction showed the alveolar socket occupied by mature connective tissue and delicate bone trabeculae lined with osteoblasts (Figure 1A), which formed from the inner surfaces of the alveolar walls.
1) It is often accompanied by a fracture of the alveolar socket.
1 There is a postoperative pain at the extraction site that can be severe within two to four days of extraction, blood clot within the alveolar socket may be completely or partially disintegrated with possibility of halitosis.
4 Alveolar osteitis has been recently defined as postoperative pain inside and around the extraction site which increases in severity at any time between the first and third day after the extraction accom- panied by a partial or total disintegrated blood clot within the alveolar socket with or without halitosis.