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receptacle where something (a pipe or probe or end of a bone) is inserted

a receptacle into which an electric device can be inserted

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In control group a significant amount of newly formed bone was present between the periphery and the central region of the alveolar sockets. In Xenograft group, newly formed bone was present principally in the periphery of the alveolar sockets, but some trabecular bone can be see in the central region.
Local anesthesia was achieved, and the alveolar sockets were gently irrigated with saline to remove any granulation tissue.
Sukekava, "Alveolar socket healing: what can we learn?" Periodontology 2000, vol.
Semi-serial longitudinal 6-[micro]m-thick sections of the alveolar sockets were cut at 60-[micro]m intervals and stained with hematoxylin and eosin.
Hence, the aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of systemic supplement of resveratrol for post-extraction alveolar socket preservations.
The idea that bone traces tooth movement indicates whenever orthodontic tooth movement occurs, the bone around the alveolar socket would remodel to the same extent [27].
Dry socket literally mean dry appearance of the extraction site after washing out the blood clot which was first described by Crawford in 1896.1 There is a postoperative pain at the extraction site that can be severe within two to four days of extraction, blood clot within the alveolar socket may be completely or partially disintegrated with possibility of halitosis.
The preservation of the alveolar socket following tooth extraction is essential prior to implant placement and minimizes the need for future augmentation procedures.
These findings are encouraging when considering the unfavorable anatomy of the alveolar socket on tooth number 8 which displayed complete loss of the buccal bone wall and a 9 mm vertical bone deficiency on its palatal aspect.
In previous study reports many terms have been used for Dry socket such as localized osteitis alveolalgia alveolitis sicca dolorosa septic socket necrotic socket localized osteomyelitis fibrinolytic alveoliti.4 Alveolar osteitis has been recently defined as postoperative pain inside and around the extraction site which increases in severity at any time between the first and third day after the extraction accom- panied by a partial or total disintegrated blood clot within the alveolar socket with or without halitosis.4
Radiograph of the skull of blackbuck showing foramen magnum (a); occipital condyle (b); tympanic bullae (c); jugular foramen (d); foramen (e); oval foramen (f); muscular process (g); zygomatic process (h); frontal crest (i); supra-orbital foramen (j); vomer (k); turbinates (l,m); alveolar socket for first premolar (n); premaxilla (o); palatine process of incisive bone (p); incisive fissure (q).