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(anatomy) a dividing partition between two tissues or cavities

a partition or wall especially in an ovary

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In group administered with AST and I/R, hyperemia, hemorrhage, edema, inflammatory cell infiltration and partial enlargement in inter alveolar septum were observed (Figure 3E).
Although it is minimal or focal, a myxoid fibroblastic change in the alveolar septum, usually seen in DAD, is common.
Interstitial edema, inflammatory cell infiltration, and widened alveolar septum in the lung tissue were observed in the AP-mLI group (Figures 3(d), 3(e), and 3(f)).
AS- Alveolar septum, PL-Pulmonary pleura, PM- Pleural mesothelium, CT- Pleural connective tissue, ME- Myoelastic sphincter, FB- Fibroblasts, CF- Collagen fibers, AW- Alveolar wall, AL- Alveolar sacs, PV- pulmonary vessels, AD-alveolar ducts, CA-cartilage, SM-submucosa.
The data showed that both C-fos and C-jun proteins had higher expression levels around the alveolar septum and the airway in COPD group, while these ascending expression levels were reduced after RLD treatment (P < 0.05).
The number of positive cells in the alveolar septum was determined by the number of positive cells in each field divided by the number contacting the alveolar septum.
In DM group, alveolar septum was thickened widely, infiltration of inflammatory cells and hemorrhage appeared, and the lung injury score was higher than in control group.
6 fields of vision were randomly selected from each slice and analyzed by the image analysis system to determine alveolar septum thickness and alveolar size [20].
A grading system was used to score for the alveolar and parenchymal general morphological changes (alveolar structure, inflammation, thickening of the alveolar septum, alveolar macrophage, neutrophile, increased capillary permeability, hemorrhage, edema, and congestion).