alveolar ridge

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a ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaws and contains the sockets of the teeth

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After the adaptability of the patient to the provisional dentures, mini dental implants will be inserted into the atrophic alveolar ridges of the edentulous mandible and maxillae in order to effectively retain overdentures and, thus, to promote a better stability for the new removable dentures.
In the clinic, the main approach to the treatment was the material-based reconstruction without major surgical procedures; nonetheless, the clinical concept was expanded, including stem cell-based regeneration, as a consequence of the emerging stem cell technologies and the requirements of alveolar ridge augmentation associated with implant dentistry [73].
Caption: FIGURE 1: Initial intraoral clinical appearance showing the moriform aspect in the right buccal floor and alveolar ridge.
Follow-up after three weeks revealed well-healed mucosa at the surgical site with minimal notching on the alveolar ridge and no evidence of recurrence (Figure 4).
(1) Original procedures involved draining the maxillary sinus through an opening that had been made in the alveolar ridge, usually by removing a tooth.
Loss of teeth leads to alveolar ridge resorption, inefficient mastication, altered speech, and lowered confidence.
Following the loss of a tooth, the alveolar ridge undergoes bone resorption in the vertical, transversal, and sagittal plane [1].
There was periauricular soft tissue swelling and intraoral bony hard enlargement of right mandibular alveolar ridge (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
Voicing continues (7) as the tip of the tongue closes against the middle (8) of the alveolar ridge, closing off the flow of air through the oral cavity, and almost simultaneously (9) the velopharyngeal [ie.
Buccal and palatal flap was reflected more than 5mm beyond the crest of the alveolar ridge. Sequences of the drills were used according to manufacturer's instruction and the last drill used was 4.2 mm as the diameter of the selected implant was 5 mm.
Coronectomy or partial odontectomy is the elective decoronation of a tooth and removal of tooth structure below the level of crest of the alveolar ridge with the intention of allowing the tissue to heal over the remaining vital roots maintaining their vitality and desirably with formation of bone over the roots.
The thickness was measured in the alveolar ridge crest (T), buccal (B1-B4), and lingual (L1-L4) alveolar ridge mucosa.