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a ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaws and contains the sockets of the teeth

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Another limitation is that the maxillary alveolar process may resorb as a result of aging, following tooth extraction or due to periodontal disease.
In children, developing permanent teeth located in the line of the fracture, are usually seen in the mandibular canine and incisor regions.6 Treatment of fractures of the alveolar process includes reduction and immobilization.
So, this method may be of greater value in studying sequential changes to estimate reduction in height of the maxillary and mandibular alveolar process of a patient after tooth loss.
This edition has new sections on soft tissue injuries associated with dental trauma, how decoronation of ankylosed anterior teeth in adolescents can preserve the alveolar process for later implant placement, and identifying predictors for pulpal and periodontal ligament healing complications as well as for tooth loss.
Fractures of maxillary alveolar process (AP) and front teeth are common injuries (Shamsutdinov et al., 2002).
Immediately inferior to the teeth is the alveolar process, which is composed of several interalveolar septa that house the roots.
The chest X ray may show an alveolar process, reticulonodular pattern, and evidence of fibrosis.
(1) Because of their position in the facial soft tissues rather than in the alveolar process, the term nasolabial cyst has been preferred.
The typical radiographic appearance is that of a triangular or semicircular radiolucency with the narrow part of the lesion toward the alveolar crest, often with a radiodense border, and located within the alveolar process between the roots of teeth.[1-4] Root resorption has been described.
Measurements are classified as belonging to the alveolar process (A) and its subdivisions, the incisor (In) or molar (Mo) alveolus, or to the ascending ramus (M) and its subdivisions, the coronoid process (Cr), the condyloid process (Cn), the angular process (Ag), or the masseteric region (Ms).
In particular, the authors aim to study the LU angulation in the posterior mandibular region, and its potential correlation with the alveolar process height, the distance between the apical region of the dental alveoli and the inferior alveolar nerve canal, and the bucco-lingual width of the alveolar process in the same region.
Chen, "Adaptive response of the human dental alveolar process: correction of a class I protrusive and mutilated dentition, with 32-year follow-up," American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, vol.