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mucus-secreting membrane lining all body cavities or passages that communicate with the exterior

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It is noteworthy that there was no difference in the pressure pain threshold (PPT) between the left and right sides of the alveolar mucosa, and the PPT was significantly higher at the buccal site than at the lingual site.
20,22) In this study, these lesions were identified in the gingiva and in the alveolar mucosa and presented no gender predilection.
However the OSCC of the hard palate and upper alveolar mucosa were specifically found more in female.
Iodine solution was applied on subject's gingiva and alveolar mucosa by cotton pellet.
1 Periodontal surgery procedures are performed to prevent or correct anatomical, developmental, traumatic, or plaque induced defects of the gingiva, alveolar mucosa, and bone.
The anatomical structures of the maxilla that were considered as important in CD prognosis included; residual alveolar ridge height and width, hard palate depth, arch form, arch size, soft palate / throat morphology, median palatal fissure, border tissue attachment levels, alveolar mucosa, maxillary tuberosities and tori.
7) It presents as a painless pedunculated or sessile mass on gingiva or alveolar mucosa measuring usually not exceeding 3 cm.
5 x 2 cm, present on right maxillary alveolar mucosa, involving the marginal, attached and interdental gingiva in relation to maxillary canine and premolars extending to the palatal mucosa.
Most common sites for dislodged fractured tooth fragments are upper lip, lower lip, tongue or alveolar mucosa.
Schwannoma occurring in vestibular mucosa, alveolar mucosa have been reported but those of buccal mucosa are rarely reported.
Intra orally the swelling had the same color as the normal mucosa and involved the alveolar mucosa from the left central incisor to the 1st left molar.
A pedicle flap of gingiva can be raised from an edentulous ridge, adjacent teeth,or from existing gingiva on the tooth and moved laterally or coronally to replace alveolar mucosa as marginal tissues.
Peripheral ossifying fibroma presents as a painless, hemorrhagic and often lobulated mass of the gingiva or alveolar mucosa sometimes presenting with large areas of surface ulceration.
They are present in many sites such as hard palate, soft palate, lips, tongue, floor of the mouth, alveolar mucosa, oro- pharynx, parapharyngeal space and retro molar region.
Fig: 3,4,5,6) In frenotomy, the attachment to the gingiva and periosteum is severed and the insertion of the frenum is relocated upto the alveolar mucosa Frenotomy may be indicated in the mandible when a marked frenum attaches within thin gingiva and there is risk of development of labial recession.