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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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(25) A study by Kose et al showed that myeloperoxidase activity, number of osteoclasts, density of neutrophils and also RANKL/Osteoprotegrin ratio were increased in periodontitis which could be the cause for increased alveolar bone loss. (11) Roth et al studied the effects of melatonin administration on myeloperoxidase activity and alveolar bone destruction and found that there was a reduction in gingival tissue myeloperoxidase levels and further stimulated the proliferation of osteoblasts to promotebone formation.
The morphometric measurement of alveolar bone loss was performed by a single examiner (M.B.T.) who was unaware of the identity of the samples.
Alveolar bone loss, both horizontal and vertical, has been observed in different studies but horizontal loss is more common than vertical loss12.
Oxidative stress causes alveolar bone loss in metabolic syndrome model mice with type 2 diabetes.
The sum of the three distances of each side of molars was used as a measure of the alveolar bone loss in millimeters.
These pockets if not treated on time would lead to bleeding gingiva, calculus deposition, deeper pockets, alveolar bone loss, increase in mobility and ultimately loss of teeth.
Widespread alveolar bone loss consistent with severe teeth mobility was detected on the orthopantomogram (Figure 1(c)).
Alveolar Bone Loss. There was a statistical significant interaction between the effects of ZA and PE on the width of periodontal ligament space (PDL).
(2007) Diagnostic efficacy of alveolar bone loss of the mandible for identifying postmenopausal women with femoral osteoporosis.
Diabetic patients with periodontal disease have severe periodontal destruction, progressive alveolar bone loss, and a poor prognosis (8,9).
Figure 5b: An IOPA of a mandibular molar which demonstrates extensive vertical alveolar bone loss with only 1/3rd of the root embedded in bone.