alveolar arch

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the part of the upper or lower jawbones in which the teeth are set

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On the dysmorphic examination, dolichocephaly, large anterior fontanel, prominent forehead and glabella, hypertelorism, macrophthalmic-proptotic appearance, flattened nasal root, antevert nostrils, small nose, low, posterior and displaced ears, microretrognatia, short philtrum, fish mouth, high and narrow palate, secondary alveolar arch, pectus carinatum (Figure 1).
In our case, we believe that because the impacted third molar tooth could not find a place in the alveolar arch owing to the narrow maxillary area, it ectopically erupted in the sinus.
Furthermore, MASDO is effective in increasing alveolar arch length and correcting anterior crossbite in patients with a cleft lip and palate [13,14,16].
The findings suggest that a combination of "Osteon" and "Colla Guide" resorbable membrane helps preserve alveolar crest height, uniformity of alveolar arch cortex and bone mineralization.
Teeth are rarely located outside the alveolar arch. During odontogenesis, any abnormal developmental tissue interaction may result in tooth ectopy.