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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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The following variables were measured on all OPG images: 1) Alveolar process height at lower first molar (LM1) and at lower second molar (LM2) sites, the alveolar process height was measured from the crest of the alveolar bone to the superior margin of the IAN canal (Fig.
Mandibular ridge height (upto alveolar ridge crest a2) was taken by calculating the space from the inferior border of the mandible to alveolar ridge crest.
Molgradex, the company's lead product candidate, is being investigated in a pivotal Phase 3 study, called IMPALA, for the treatment of autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis.
Intense congestion in pulmonary veins and inter alveolar septum was observed.
At the end of the study, animals were sacrificed and histomorphological changes were observed on the alveolar bone.
Ideally, MV should maintain lung units open throughout the ventilator cycle, which minimizes lung injury due to repetitive alveolar collapse and/or overdistention.
Aaron Scott, Ph.D., from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and colleagues compared the effect of unvaped ECL to ECVC on alveolar macrophage function.
Keywords: Alveolar ridge, Bone resorption, Hydroxyapatite, Tooth.
The target area for deposition of local anaesthetic solution is the posterior surface of maxilla midway between alveolar border and the orbital surface of maxilla, where the posterior-superior alveolar nerve enters.
To this end, a method for the isolation and culture of AECII cells mimicking alveolar microenvironment in vivo is becoming essential.
Pathologists have generally regarded the presence of detached tumor cell clusters seen in alveolar spaces adjacent to a carcinoma as a technical artifact resulting from dislodgment of tumor cells during surgical manipulation and/or subsequent tissue processing in the laboratory, but the significance of this histopathologic finding has been controversial.
Exostosis 7 Years after Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Pocket Technique
To date, three major myeloid cell populations have been identified in the lung which differ in their exact localisation in the tissue and their developmental origin (Figure 1): resident alveolar macrophages (AMs), resident interstitial macrophages (IMs), and blood monocytes [2-4].