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Synonyms for alum

a white crystalline double sulfate of aluminum: the ammonium double sulfate of aluminum

a white crystalline double sulfate of aluminum: the potassium double sulfate of aluminum

a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)

a double sulphate of aluminum and potassium that is used as an astringent (among other things)

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AmeriCorps Alums and 2U are ideal partners because we're both committed to equipping emerging leaders by expanding their access to educational opportunities," said AmeriCorps Alums' Co-Executive Director Ben Duda.
The Association's chairman, Christina Manos, said, "Each year many of our alum express a great desire to see friends from other Shrewsbury High School classes, while classes with limited budgets voiced that it would be nice to join with other classes to celebrate the anniversary of their graduation from SHS.
AmeriCorps Alums are a core component to the mayor's vision.
It also an excellent opportunity to request input from the alums directly.
By creating a template of jokes where he could substitute school names, famous alums, controversies involving particular players or coaches and quirks particular to a campus or a city, Finebaum figured out a way to profit while he fanned the flames of fun-loving hatred that keeps a bite to a rivalry year after year.
Perhaps Space Needle owner Jeff Wright, a UW alum, was most down about that sight.
The Bush inner circle contains people who were not alums of the Project for the New American Century, of course, but they earned their spots by sheer loyalty.
What follows are series of eloquent eulogies for the untimely demise of affirmative action by students, community leaders, professors, and alums.
Shared school colors work in your favor in your dealings with other alums.
Bollinger, President of Total Occidental Medicine and fellow Sigma Chi alum stated, "Richard is one in a long line of outstanding Gamma Iota alums to receive the Significant Sig award.
The concept is that unrestricted money that alums give allows flexibility to the university to use it wherever it's needed," says Christine Sanni, executive director of Advancement, Communications, and Marketing at the school.
It's a historic, family-friendly rivalry renewed each season to determine bragging rights around Southern California, no matter the rankings, bowl implications or incarcerated alums.
Wayne Mouritzen, a 60-year-old retired minister, contacted a local newspaper and questioned the school's tax-exempt status for its art museum after receiving a letter saying he and other gay alums would be arrested if they set foot on campus.
Like the Harvard deans, officials at other universities dismiss the statistical disparities by pointing to the superior environmental influences found in the homes of their alums.
BITS Alumni Association (BITSAA) consists of 30,000 alums of BITS Pilani and operates through 40 chapters located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.