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a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)

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Delegates from alumnae groups based in Antipolo, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo and San Lorenzo, as well as those who came from overseas including Japan, Spain and Southern California, joined other alumnae for the AAA Quarterly Lunch.
There was still time to shoot the breeze with the nuns, CHSM officials and other alumnae, including Gloria Angara, widow of a senator and mother of the incumbent bearing his name, and who, as the young Gloria Manalang, portrayed Greek heroines in school plays.
Assumption Alumnae Association Officers: Davao Chapter are: Jocelyn Ang Romero - President; Amy Soriano - Diano - Vice President; Miggy Laurel - Garcia - Secretary;
"A lot of our communication with our alumnae is through email," Ralph explains.
Eta Nu Sigma Alumnae Chapter will offer educational information from a trichologist, demonstrations from professional hairstylists, bloggers, live music, vendor displays, product details, media exposure, panelist discussions as well as raffle and giveaways.
Carolyn Stempler, chairman of the program planning and development committee for the alumnae group, said she was blown away to see such a cheerful sight on a beautiful April day.
Many of the alumnae were particularly upset about the murals being painted over, saying that the art teachers had put in a great deal of effort that they believe was disrespected.
AUS students and alumnae form a major part of the lineup of nominees for the Film Festival, which began on October 23.
Alleghany, like many other camps, is blessed with a host of alumnae who would love to spend the entire summer with us.
One of the highlights of Prime Minister Cameron's visit to DAH College was the round table conference with selected students from the law program, and a few alumnae members.
CATHERINE UNIVERSITY (MINN.) STUDENTS, alumnae, faculty, staff, and friends made their presence and appreciation for their school known in a big way.
Wyatt read the letter during a tea for alumnae of the all-womens Seven Sisters Colleges in the United States.
Wyatt read the letter during a tea party for alumnae of the all-womens Seven Sisters Colleges in the United States.
The program serves 90 alcohol/drug dependent females and 20 alumnae residents.
Drawing heavily on the stories of individual women, the book provides an interesting account of the many ways in which students, staff, and alumnae of Rockford College, a small women's school located about fifty miles north Chicago, responded to the U.S.
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