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a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)

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We wanted to know what lies ahead for baby boomers, so we looked at alumnae in the 15 years before the traditional retirement age of 65 and 15 years after the traditional retirement age," said Lieberman.
Alumnae gifts or bequests endowed nine faculty chairs.
Seventy-five percent of Springboard alumnae hold advanced and/or professional degrees and over two-thirds are seasoned entrepreneurs.
80 percent of these companies continue to grow and while most Springboard alumnae are still associated with the companies they presented at Springboard, others have gone on to launch new ventures or assume leadership roles in other companies.
Since 1983, Delta Sigma Theta alumnae have sponsored programs in the Antelope Valley to further social, cultural and political awareness in the community.
According to the survey, a significant 14 percent of Springboard Alumnae companies have broken out of the pack to grow more rapidly.
An Internet alumnae association lets former Rockettes get and stay in contact.
We believe that launching this campaign will bring an outpouring of support from the alumnae and the public for the important role Douglass College plays in educating young women.
WOODLAND HILLS - As the alumnae of Louisville High gathered for their school's 40th anniversary, they brought many things with them.
Her commitment to education has earned her the right to join many other successful alumnae who wear the Emmanuel College class ring with pride.
She currently serves on the boards of the Mount Saint Joseph Academy Alumnae Association and the La Salle University Communication Department, where she is an adjunct faculty member.
Noted alumnae include Martin Scorsese, Joel Coen, Spike Lee, Ang Lee, Martha Coolidge and Oliver Stone.
Women who participate in the Springboard Enterprises program will have the opportunity to network with women who have similar growth objectives, as well as with successful Springboard alumnae who can share their business success strategies.
But after seeing ``Dexter Lab,'' a cartoon project of two CalArts alumnae now airing on the Cartoon Network, he switched his focus.
The Alumnae Association of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland has chosen to honor Ms.
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