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Synonyms for alumna

a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)

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Por ultimo, las conclusiones desglosan varios puntos a considerar por la autora de acuerdo a lo trabajado en el transcurso de la investigacion, a saber: revision de fuentes, biografia de las protagonistas, entrevistas, materiales escolares, que dan soporte a los testimonios tanto de la alumna como de la maestra, y, por ultimo, interpretacion y reflexion de la informacion.
She also needed to have the time to take this on and be an alumna so she had knowledge of the Alleghany traditions and a strong love of Alleghany.
Release date- 17082012 - Arkansas Tech University alumna Kathy Rusert has been named the 2012 Arkansas Rural Teacher of the Year.
The first successful alumna meeting was held at CompDrug Inc.
Along with personal motivations, women students were inspired by the legacy of alumna Jane Addams, founded of Chicago's Hull House settlement and an outspoken promoter of the idea that women--particularly those privileged by higher education--should play a public role as social housekeepers and activists addressing urgent social needs.
The Turkish-American 2000 alumna came to Trinity from the white New Jersey suburbs seeking not just a good education but ethnic and class diversity.
To illustrate from our current analysis, here is an example of one alumna in management who refers to overt gender discrimination and also proactively addresses inequitable opportunities for women.
Eoe1/4EoYou have given us so much, during the short period we spent with you,Eoe1/4A[yen] said one alumna. Eoe1/4EoHonestly, those were the happiest moments in my entire life.Eoe1/4A[yen]
Trisha Brown received the 2008 Distinguished Alumna Award from Mills College for her groundbreaking contributions to the field of dance.
The loan, signed late 2007, will be used to finance the construction of a US$500 million chemical grade alumna project in Tayan, West Kalimantan.
Fiber Science & Apparel Design alumna Denise Green '07 designed a curriculum to teach disadvantaged youth how to design and make their own fashions, and then put it into practice with the Ithaca 4-H Urban Outreach Program.
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