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a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)

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Release date- 17082012 - Arkansas Tech University alumna Kathy Rusert has been named the 2012 Arkansas Rural Teacher of the Year.
Each ability factor was derived from coded alumna performance where coding for any particular ability required that (1) the alumna's judgment guided discretionary action and (2) the situation was contextually complicated enough to call for more than routine action.
AarthiEoe1/4aos sister, Anjana Sasidharan, also an alumna of ISG, was a meritorious student of NIT Trichy.
She received the Distinguished Alumna Award from Oklahoma City University.
the diocese of Ontario, has been involved with Grenville Christian College in a number of ways--parent of a student, faculty member, board member and spouse of an alumna.
Further protests have been registered by local MP, Pat O'Brien, who declared this "a bad decision"; and by UWO alumna, Joanne McGarry, Executive Director of the Catholic Civil Rights League.
It was almost a feeling of validation, although at that point I had been writing for years," added Richards, whose short story was included in an anthology published by the foundation in the summer of 2003 that featured the works of 35 workshop alumna.
Stetson alumna attorney Nancy Slack coached Chivers and Harris.
When asked if I was an alumna of the high school and if I had felt safe as a student, I realized she had completely missed my point (after all, if you asked a student at Columbine High School in 1998 if they felt safe, I'm sure he or she would have said yes).
A Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC) alumna, she's a financial executive with public and private experience, along with a master's degree in journalism.
An alumna of Goldsmiths College in London, she shares some of the concerns of her YBA colleagues--an interest in seriality and repetition inherited from Minimalism combined with a propensity for brash decadence that seems to be drawn from Pop.
Founded in 1923 by Parsons alumna Eleanor McMillen Brown, McMillen Inc.
This award is presented annually to a University of Rochester alumna, trustee, faculty member or administrator who has demonstrated strong leadership qualities, personal, as well as professional success, and has served as a role model for other women.
Mary Bueno, a 1958 alumna who now works with the New York City Board of Education, said, "I learned that all onstage is a beautiful illusion, but the reality was that the dancers worked very hard.
alumna members of Alpha Kappa Alpha have started not one but two investment clubs in the past three years.
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