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"A shot of 108 inches in diameter, and twelve inches in thickness, would weigh, in cast-iron, 67,440 pounds; cast in aluminum, its weight will be reduced to 19,250 pounds."
I also strapped a considerable quantity of ammuni-tion across my shoulders, pocketed some matches, and hooked an aluminum fry-pan and a small stew-kettle of the same metal to my belt.
The floor, ceiling and walls were of carborundum aluminum, a light, impenetrable composition extensively utilized in the construction of Martian fighting ships.
There was a box of vestas, two inches of tallow candle, an A D P brier-root pipe, a pouch of seal-skin with half an ounce of long-cut Cavendish, a silver watch with a gold chain, five sovereigns in gold, an aluminum pencil-case, a few papers, and an ivory-handled knife with a very delicate, inflexible bade marked Weiss & Co., London.
The procedure in Table 1, with vibratory polishing as the final step, is used in the automated preparation of a variety of cast aluminums. In this method, the contra direction means that the specimen [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 2 OMITTED] holder (which can hold a number of specimens, for example, six 1.25-in.
Foundry Recycling Could Profit by Aluminums Success