aluminum oxide

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any of various forms of aluminum oxide occurring naturally as corundum

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Using the values of pore diameter (DP) and interpore distance (Di), one can determine the porosity (P) of the aluminum oxide film from the formula [22]:
For tools and equipment, you'll need a good two-part epoxy (I recommend and use J-B Weld), aluminum oxide or silicone carbide, a hobbyist sculpting/paint kit, 3/4-1" masking tape, 2.5-3" foam roller, and a container for bedding the frame.
Then magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide, and phosphoric acid fire retardants of 10,20, and 30% composites were investigated.
The mechanism of how salt fluxes work has been attributed to thermodynamic chemical reactions and surface tension effects between the aluminum oxide and the flux, the aluminum oxide and the molten metal, and the molten metal and the flux.
"Porous anodic aluminum oxide: anodization and templated synthesis of functional nanostructures".
Guides are stainless steel with aluminum oxide inserts.
The absence of aluminum oxide particles coupled with the presence of elemental aluminum in the eutectic zone suggests that during the process aluminum oxide particles were not dissolved, but they underwent chemical reaction with magnesium to form MgO, as confirmed by the direct TEM observation of MgO particles, as shown in Figure 3.
Finally, zinc aluminum oxide nanowire array was fabricated through a thermal oxidation process.
These wheels are offered in aluminum oxide grain with an option of a 5/8 inch-11 hub and are used on right angle grinders.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 2, 2010-Nanophase Technologies Corp introduces NanoArc Aluminum Oxide dispersions for UV-cured coatings(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Series 247 provides a high-gloss finish and Series 248 contains an aluminum oxide additive that improves wear resistance and creates a satin appearance to help minimize glare and hide areas of heavy traffic.
Designed with superlines in mind, the rod sports downsized, polished aluminum oxide guides for reduced friction and added strength, along with fewer of those troublesome wind knots.
In belt form, Klingspor offers a range from ceramic aluminum oxide to premium alumina zirconia, both lubricated and non-lubricated, to premium aluminum oxide.
It was historically used as an ore of aluminum and later in the electrolytic processing of the aluminum rich oxide ore bauxite (itself a combination of aluminum oxide minerals such as gibbsite, boehmite and diaspore).
CGW says the new type 1 cut-off wheels are made from premium zirconia aluminum oxide grain for use on metal, steel and stainless steel.