aluminum oxide

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any of various forms of aluminum oxide occurring naturally as corundum

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Because aluminum oxide abrasives often require continuous dressing while the wheel is in use, repeatability is diminished to 0.
Aluminum oxides can be removed without damaging underlying refractory.
Guides are stainless steel with aluminum oxide inserts.
Aluminum oxides can form quickly; before you can reach to the other side of even a small ladle, the surface is filled with oxide formation.
They created nanoscale-diameter wires within pores in thin membranes of polycarbonate or aluminum oxide and then placed the membranes between pairs of metal electrodes.
Surface roughness values were higher (rougher) for aluminum oxide abrasive for both hard maple (Acer saccharum) and eastern white pine (Pinus strobus).
Even Cut Abrasives Company offers an expanded line of flap brushes made from flexible, open-structure nylon web with embedded resin and aluminum oxide grain.
The AlGaAs to aluminum oxide transition is accompanied by volumetric compressive strains in excess of 6%, sometimes leading to detrimental stress relaxation in the form of delamination or dislocation formation.
The walls, floors and doors were scraped with metal implements to remove aluminum oxide buildup that occurs when molten aluminum contacts air.
Like other products in the Altro safety flooring product line, Altro Impressionist II has aluminum oxide and colored quartz throughout the thickness, with silicon carbide in the surface.
A wide selection of roller materials is available including: chrome-plated hardened steel, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, and porcelain.
According to police, melted aluminum oxide was believed to have leaked and reacted with coolant water, causing a vapor explosion in the furnace.
Teledyne Introduces New Trace Moisture Analysis Instrumentation - Aluminum Oxide Sensor 600 Times More Sensitive Than Conventional Sensors: The 8800 Series for Trace Moisture Analysis is composed of four different instrument configurations -- panel mount, wall mount, transmitter, and portable -- each with the ability to detect moisture from -100[degrees]C to ambient dewpoint levels of +20[degrees]C on either a continuous or spot checking basis.
Since stainless steel and brass ring faces could not stand up to abrasive particle wear, harder materials, such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and cemented carbide, must therefore be used in the primary seal faces, where the outer rings come in contact with the pumping medium.
For the past five years (1993-1997), the volume of Indonesia's aluminum oxide imports fluctuated with the tendency to increase.