aluminum oxide

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any of various forms of aluminum oxide occurring naturally as corundum

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As the concentrations of most of trace elements in high purity aluminum oxide are at parts per billion (ppb) or parts per million (ppm) levels, multi-element trace analysis by conventional chemical analysis is very difficult and problematic.
The mechanism of how salt fluxes work has been attributed to thermodynamic chemical reactions and surface tension effects between the aluminum oxide and the flux, the aluminum oxide and the molten metal, and the molten metal and the flux.
Three main techniques of anodization such as mild anodization, hard anodization and pulse anodization are adopted for the fabrication of self-organized anodic aluminum oxide nanostructure [8].
2002) showed that MRR was always higher for aluminum oxide abrasive belts, in fact, sometimes nearly twice as high as the others (silicon carbide and engineered abrasives).
Thus bauxite consists of 75 percent hydrated aluminum oxides (Al2O3_3H2O and Al2O3_H2O) plus other compounds such as oxides of iron, silicon, and titanium.
Daily cleaning is also simplified because less aluminum oxide adheres to the walls of the furnace, and removing the oxide that does form is easier.
Rollprint is focusing a great deal of its resources to work with companies who prefer not to use PVDC to make the change to aluminum oxide (A1203)-coated laminates for products that require barrier properties.
Teledyne Introduces New Trace Moisture Analysis Instrumentation - Aluminum Oxide Sensor 600 Times More Sensitive Than Conventional Sensors: The 8800 Series for Trace Moisture Analysis is composed of four different instrument configurations -- panel mount, wall mount, transmitter, and portable -- each with the ability to detect moisture from -100[degrees]C to ambient dewpoint levels of +20[degrees]C on either a continuous or spot checking basis.
Since stainless steel and brass ring faces could not stand up to abrasive particle wear, harder materials, such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and cemented carbide, must therefore be used in the primary seal faces, where the outer rings come in contact with the pumping medium.
Good mechanical strength makes it tolerant of careless handling and its performance is more consistent, predictable and reliable than those of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, The corrosion-resistant binder expands the range of outer seal rings in pumps for mining and construction applications, and pumps submersed in seawater and acidic liquids.
For the past five years (1993-1997), the volume of Indonesia's aluminum oxide imports fluctuated with the tendency to increase.
Among the useless junk released into space during a craft's deployment and operation are spent rocket bodies, lens caps, bolts, aluminum oxide particles from rocket motor exhausts, paint chips and fragmentary objects generated by more than 120 spacecraft and rocket body breakups.
Utilizing aluminum oxide, Rex-Cut abrasives are designed for various types of stock removal and deburring.
He let a solution of a mixture of the pigments trickle down a tube of powdered aluminum oxide.
In the next two years, the decreasing price of aluminum oxide will stabilize and will probably not decrease below 3000 Yuan/Ton in 2007.