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manufacturers of aluminum considered as a group

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During the meeting, which was attended by the members of the working team from both sides, they discussed many topics and developments of the working tram tasks and discussed the prospects of joint cooperation in the aluminum industry.
The AlCircle Daily Newsletter, which already boasts a sizable registered user base, now stands as one of the leading aluminum industry publications worldwide.
The Chief Executive Officers of Aluminium Companies of Qatar, Oman and Bahrain reviewed in their speeches their countries' efforts for the development of aluminum industry, noting that the aluminum industry in GCC States, the Middle East and North Africa is today a key tributary to the economy of any country.
Given the affordability of power and labour in the GCC region, the local aluminum industry as a whole is conducive to investment," said Mahmood Daylami, secretary general of the Gulf Aluminum Council (GAC).
Head of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization Khodamorad Ahmadi announced that Tehran and Moscow are in talks over Russian investment in Iran's aluminum industry.
The week's meetings presented an excellent opportunity to gain further insight into China's aluminum industry.
Significant resources have been dedicated by the aluminum industry to make the CVP a success and to recruit as many communities as possible into the program.
Over the past 50 years, and particularly since the 1983 structural adjustment programme, Ghana has been attempting to build a vertically integrated aluminum industry in order to transform its agricultural-based, extractive economy to an industrial one.
Alcoa Automotive Castings, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, was the first in the aluminum industry to utilize a spectrometer, Lofquist added.
The aluminum industry already has proved that market-driven recycling programs are the most effective: It now requires 95 percent less energy to produce recycled aluminum than to make the same product from ore, according to the Washington-based Aluminum Association.
The aluminum industry is doing its part in the recycling effort," Parker told members of the House committee.
Chapter One Three-layer Liquid Electrolytic High Purity Aluminum Industry Overview
aluminum industry and threatening our nation's national security.
The ARABAL Conference is considered one of the most important events in the aluminum industry, as 'MA'ADEN' is seeking to use it to review the opportunities available within the company and present the Kingdom as an investment destination for aluminum companies, which would contribute in attracting foreign capital and localization of the global technology.