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manufacturers of aluminum considered as a group

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Emerging as a global platform for the world aluminum industry leaders, the 2-day Conference is expected to attract more than 400 high level delegates from the whole spectrum of the aluminum industry (upstream, midstream and downstream) and will feature a number of renowned speakers and experts from leading aluminum organizations, including GE, International Aluminium Institute, CRU, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), Fastmarkets and LME, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative amongst others.
Aluminum industry experts, surveyed by state news agency Wam, attributed the significant growth in the aluminum platform to the growing demand on the commodity locally, regionally and globally, affirming that the UAE has become one of the key players in the industry on account of the mega plants and smelters operating in this sector nationwide.
The raw material, bauxite, is not common in Iran, but the government calculates it can turn imported bauxite into aluminum cheaply--largely because aluminum manufacturing take lots of electricity and Iran is willing to subsidize it for the aluminum industry.
The AlCircle Daily Newsletter, which already boasts a sizable registered user base, now stands as one of the leading aluminum industry publications worldwide.
The Chief Executive Officers of Aluminium Companies of Qatar, Oman and Bahrain reviewed in their speeches their countries' efforts for the development of aluminum industry, noting that the aluminum industry in GCC States, the Middle East and North Africa is today a key tributary to the economy of any country.
However, in 2011 it was decided to make it an annual gathering due to the growing importance aluminum industry.
MUSCAT: The aluminum industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is on the brink of becoming a leading global contributor, according to a new publication issued by Deloitte Middle East, titled 'GCC: Tomorrow's aluminium powerhouse'.
The aluminum industry in the GCC is on the verge of becoming a leading global contributor, according to a new publication issued by Deloitte Middle East, titled GCC: Tomorrow's aluminum powerhouse.
At the opening speech, Sheikh Sa'ad bin Mohammed al- Mardhouf al- Saadi, Commerce and Industry Minister said that the achievements made in the aluminum industry in the Sultanate is the product of the wise development vision of H.M Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, of which the industry strategy that aims at diversifying sources of national economy is emanated.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iranian industrial officials announced that Tehran and Moscow are in talks over the latter's investment in Iran's aluminum industry.
Projects in Qatar for the World Cup will boost the aluminum industry."
Lisa Jane Scheller, CEO of Silberline Manufacturing Company Inc., recently led a seven-member delegation of aluminum industry leaders to the 2007 China Aluminum Forum in Chengdu, China.
The well publicized slumps in the housing and domestic auto industries are expected to be a drag on the aluminum industry in 2007.
Among the departed is chapter President Colleen Burghardt, CFO of CII Carbon LLC, a producer of calcined petroleum coke for the aluminum industry, who told chapter officers that her company's relocation to Texas was permanent.
President John Kufuor's government is negotiating with foreign multinationals to build an integrated aluminum industry in the country.