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7 mg/mL) and adjuvant (montanide ISA 70, aluminum hydroxide gel, no adjuvant).
Adjuvants such as montanide ISA-70, aluminum hydroxide gel or lanolin in the inactivated virus suspensions enhance immunogenicity of veterinary vaccines.
Contents of each of the four vials were admixed with aluminum hydroxide gel (AHG) for preparation of the vaccines: (1) BEI-AHG-FMDV with 10-3 units of TCID50, F, 4-8degC, (2) BEI- AHG -FMDV with 10-4 units of TCID50, F, 4-8degC, (3) BEI- AHG -FMDV with 10-5 units of TCID50 F, 4-8degC, (4) BEI- AHG -FMDV with 10-6 units of TCID50 F, 4-8 0C.
Five tenders for the supply of (a) soft aluminum foil of 40 & 45 micron thickness & of local production, (b) laboratory requisites & glass consumables, (c) aluminum hydroxide gel 2 %, (d) laboratory chemicals & media, also antibiotics & (e) special purpose glass.
Addition of adjuvant such as oil base (Montanide ISA 70) or aluminum hydroxide gel (AHG) in the vaccine showed additive effect on its efficacy.
The vaccine containing aluminum hydroxide gel (AHG) induced the antibody response (36.