aluminum hydroxide

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white crystalline compound that occurs naturally as the mineral gibbsite

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The two most commonly used phosphate binders are aluminum hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide sucrose gels.
* Aluminum hydroxide: Veneers were soaked for 20 hours in alum, briefly rinsed with distilled water, and then soaked for 1 hour in concentrated ammonia.
Imports of toothpaste basic material, aluminum hydroxide rose from 96,233 tons in 1998 to 104,842 tons in 2002.
The advantage of an aluminum-free hepatitis A vaccine over current vaccines that rely upon aluminum hydroxide as an immunopotentiating adjuvant is markedly fewer adverse effects at the injection site.
Over- or underheating or improper mixing can generate toxic by-products such as lead oxide, aluminum hydroxide, mercury vapor, iodine, phosphine, and yellow phosphorus.
They also invariably incorporate traces of hydrogen-bearing compounds, such as water, lithium hydroxide, and aluminum hydroxide.
The culture filtrate is adsorbed to aluminum hydroxide and formulated with benzethonium chloride (preservative) and formaldehyde (stabilizer).
Key statement: The present invention is directed to a pneumatic tire comprising at least one component, the at least one component comprising a rubber composition, the rubber composition comprising: at least one diene based elastomer; from 20 to 40 parts by weight, per 100 parts by weight of elastomer (phr), of silica; and from 10 to 25 weight percent of aluminum hydroxide; wherein the composition is self-extinguishing at a temperature of 1,000[degrees]C.
(SDK) has decided to increase its prices for aluminum hydroxide and alumina, and started discussions with customers.
7,682,604 B2; Shiseido Co., Ltd., Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, has patented a composite powder that is comprised of a flaky substrate powder, seed particles selected from the group consisting of titanium oxide, zinc oxide, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, silica, iron oxide; and barium sulfate particles or zinc oxide particles.
Tokyo, Japan, July 4, 2006 - (JCN) - Nippon Light Metal and Sojitz Corporation have partnered with Vietnam National Chemical (VINACHEM) and its 100% subsidiary SBC (South Basic Chemical) in the construction of aluminum hydroxide factories in Vietnam.
Among the new entries are aluminum hydroxide adjuvant, disodium edetate, ethyl lactate, hectorite, lactose spray dried, lauric acid, linoleic acid, raffinose, and saponite.
Supplies Satex brominated flame retardants for epoxies, engineering thermoplastics, high-impact polystyrene and foams, rigid and flexible urethane foam, or unsaturated polyester applications; Antiblaze phosphorus flame retardants in rigid foams or insulation, flexible foams for home and travel furnishings, textiles, and applications for low-fogging needs; Martinal aluminum hydroxide flame retardants for polymers with processing temperatures to 392 F; and Magnifin magnesium hydroxide flame retardants for thermoplastics and elastomers requiring higher process temperatures up to 644 F.
It is also comprised of a second spacer layer which does not provide significant incident angle dependent variable path-length difference, the spacer layer being selected from the group consisting of silicon dioxide, magnesium fluoride, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, titanium oxide, titanium hydroxide and iron oxide.