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foil made of aluminum

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Cylinders of mineral wool, with a coating layer of aluminum foil (with sizing longitudinal seam) GOST 23208-2003, dimensions:
The Customs Service of Armenia reports that in the first half of 2013 Armenia increased the aluminum foil exports by 22% to
Thomas, at home in the outdoors, admits to a fondness for two things (well, three, if you include the ubiquitous plastic bag): aluminum foil - use it to build up a pan's sides a bit higher; shape it over a metal coat hanger to make a skillet; shape it into a serving bowl; or use it as a foil food packet - and tin cans - use as a rolling pin, a biscuit cutter, a mixing bowl or a dish.
Here the sleek, industrial-age perfection of aluminum foil plays off apples carved like nineteenth-century curios, which mellow into golden brown and wine shades as they dry.
On a table, there's an immense Rolex made of gold and silver aluminum foil, its linked band fashioned from the lids of shoe boxes.
Punch a hole in a small square of aluminum foil to make a cover that holds the thermometer straight in the center of the can.
Recognition by consumers as the top brand for three consecutive years is a tremendous distinction and proof of the brand health and continual appeal of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil among the general population," said Paul Thomas, Executive Vice President, Alcoa and Group President, Alcoa Packaging and Consumer Products.
SSK's high-purity aluminum foil production capacity has also increased from 1,500 tons a month to more than 1,800 tons a month.
If you've often wondered why aluminum foil has a shiny side and a dull side, and whether there is a difference when cooking with it, here's the explanation given by representatives at Reynolds Metal Co.
And many microwave cookbooks call for using aluminum foil to keep certain parts of food cool.
SDK intends to increase its share of the Japanese capacitor-grade aluminum foil market from estimated 40% to 50% by 2008.
Buy a turkey, of course and a nice enamel pan or at least a disposable aluminum pan, a lot of aluminum foil, a baster (one of those long plastic tubes with a squeezy bulb on the end of it), seasoning salt, paprika, margarine, pepper and the grand Family Secret, which I promised I would never divulge, so I won't.
Production of aluminum foil and PVC film has begun and bag production is expected to begin later this year.
Export of aluminum foil from Armenia grew 16,6% up to 6,984 tons for Q1 2013 versus the same period of 2012, the
Bolstered by a $4,150 grant, the city plans to promote the recycling of milk cartons and aseptic packaging - drink boxes with aluminum foil liners - by placing signs near the containers in grocery stores throughout the city.