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Gesimsbleche aluminum factory manufactured natural aluminum about 200 m.
Abdul Jabar Safi, deputy of the association, said all craftsmen of the country shared the grief of the owner of Sina Aluminum Factory.
asked a manager at a leading aluminum factory who did not wish to be named.
An aluminum factory manufactured household goods including refrigerators, and a plastics factory mass-produced simple consumer products never before made in Iran.
NNA - 6/2/2012 - Fire fighters put off this morning a big blaze that swept an aluminum factory owned by Paul Khashan in the industrial zone between Jeita and Zouk Mosbeh.
Lebanese Ghazi Ahmad Joma, a 33-year-old who works at the National Aluminum Factory in Riyadh, said that he was hoping the prices of commodities could be checked so that his family could save for the future.
The Hormuz-Al aluminum factory has attracted 300 million euros of foreign investment, which is the largest foreign investment ever made in Iran's aluminum industry.
With coal the factory use to get dirty but now every thing is clean," said Sajal Debnath, an aluminum factory manager.