aluminum bronze

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an alloy of copper and aluminum with high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion

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The pretreatment was carried out for DHP-copper and aluminum bronze substrates.
An ideal oil-less dust stop would provide the mechanical properties and temperature performance of aluminum bronze with a low coefficient of friction.
High-conductivity, beryllium-free copper alloys for cores and cavities and aluminum bronze alloys for wear applications such as slides, wear plates, gibs, bushings, and ejector sleeves.
ISORCA plans to work with a major truck manufacturer, custom molder and moldmaker on a production test of an RTM tool cast from C95400 aluminum bronze, said to be much tougher and harder than cast aluminum.
In many cases Piad substitutes steel weldments with aluminum bronze alloys, which have the same mechanical properties and provide better corrosion resistance.
ISORCA is working with a major truck manufacturer, a custom molder, and moldmaker Portage Casting and Mold on a production test of an RTM tool cast from C95400 aluminum bronze alloy.
International Copper Association, N.Y.C., and Isorca Associates, Granville, Ohio, will discuss advantages of aluminum bronze tooling for composites.
Discussed in the presentation "Optimization of Composition and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Bronze Alloy C95400" (04-109) by K.
* The redesign to a nickel aluminum bronze casting provides a near-net-shape component and eliminates the need for secondary dichromating and painting.