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Synonyms for adjuvant

an additive that enhances the effectiveness of medical treatment

Related Words

furnishing added support

enhancing the action of a medical treatment

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Repetitive exposure to aluminum adjuvants not only disrupts normal immune development, it can also promote "immune hyperactivity, a known risk for autoimmune disease.
Its pathophysiology has been traced to the presence of an aluminum adjuvant used in vaccines against hepatitis A and B virus and tetanus toxoid; the adjuvant aggregates at the site of injection.
rPA Anthrax Vaccine - a recombinant anthrax vaccine candidate, which is composed of a purified protective antigen protein adsorbed to an aluminum adjuvant and is designed to induce antibodies that neutralize anthrax toxins.
Each of the vaccines contained an aluminum adjuvant.
This study shows that BioVant is a non-aluminum adjuvant that enhances pathogen-specific immune responses of comparable or greater potency compared to the only adjuvant currently approved for use in humans, namely the aluminum adjuvant," said Dr.