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cover with aluminum


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Aluminizing is an effective surface coating technology to economically improve the corrosion resistance of materials.
In view of these considerations, in this work, a pure Fe plate was employed to study the effect of SMAT on the corrosion behavior and the lower temperature aluminizing treatment.
The SMAT sample was cleaned and then aluminized by a pack aluminizing method at various lower temperatures (400-700[degrees]C).
Figures 7a and 7b show the cross-sectional SEM morphologies of SMAT samples after a single aluminizing treatment at 400[degrees]C for 180 min (sample C) with different scales.
7a) and the original Fe sample after a single aluminizing treatment.
The <<Nisshin Steel>> company used two units (they are installed at the <<Hanshin>> plant in Sakai)--combined ones for hot galvanization and aluminizing of 164 thou t/year productivity [4].
In Italy a combined unit for hot aluminizing /production of a strip with lavegal coating of 140 thou t/year productivity was put into operation.
Characteristic feature for state-of-the-art units, designated for both hot aluminizing and hot galvanization, is application of non-oxidizing heating in annealing furnaces with utilization of the waste gas heat, application of air knives for regulation of the coating thickness, straightening-stretching machines, and temper mills.
During aluminizing I watched Thicksten and his crew solve one of the telescope's thorniest problems since its completion in 1948.
"It's a truly awesome scientific instrument," says Thicksten at the beginning of the third, final day of the aluminizing run.