aluminium chloride

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a chloride used as a wood preservative or catalyst

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The present study concludes that both quercetin and alpha lipoic acid complement each other in protecting the rat brain against oxidative stress induced by aluminium chloride.
Histological and Ultrastructural Studies on the Testis of Rat after Treatment with Aluminium Chloride. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 1(1): 63-72.
Use an antiperspirant (perhaps containing aluminium chloride) and wear loose clothing.
SCIENTISTS from the USA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have discovered that aluminium chloride, a common ingredient in deodorant, helps lessen foul odours emitted by pig farms.
Foot antiperspirants containing 20 per cent aluminium chloride are available from the chemist.
Otherwise, choose a deodorant with a high concentration of aluminium chloride, like Driclor Solution, pounds 5.44, from Boots.
A good antiperspirant is aluminium chloride hexahydrate, available from chemists.