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cover with aluminum


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Developed for NASA to protect astronauts from the incredible cold of deep space, this aluminised thermal material is made up of thousands of aluminised threads woven into stretch nylon knit fabric.
The lightweight three-layered fire-resistant document folders have aluminised polyester skins to reflect heat and repel water whilst the flame-retardant backed seal locks out the flames.
Tenders are invited for Safety Apron With Aluminised Based Kevlar Fabric As Per Enclosed Drawing.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Aluminised Mylar Film
Cape Arh 1973-362Ss Aluminised Rayon Clothing/Suit Aluminsed With Special Cape Sleeves, Heavy Weight Rayon Dress With Snap On Sleeves And Bib Model Arh-1973-36-2Ss Sleeves And Bib To Be Detachable Length Of Bib 36 Inch, Cape Shall Cover Part Of The Back, Cape Sleeves And Bib Shall Be Attached To Each Other By A Snap On Arrangement To Make The Complete Dress.